Happy Beer Can Appreciation Day 2014!

January 24, 2014

Krueger's Finest Beer Can Appreciation DayIf you enjoy a crisp, refreshing cold one (or twelve) on occasion, today is a holiday just for you. Every January 24th is International Beer Can Appreciation Day. If you’re like us (and of age) you’ll have no qualms taking a little time out to celebrate.

This enjoyable holiday commemorates the day beer was first sold in cans back on January 24th, 1935. The Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company began distributing Krueger’s Finest Beer to the public on that date. Bless their barley’d hearts, we the people have been opening oat sodas ever since.

In honor of Beer Can Appreciation Day, we’ve put together a short list of ways to show your love for liquid courage. Seek out a cerveza, crack the can and do some 12 oz curls – it’s time to sit back, relax and praise the potent potable.

Ideas for Beer Can Appreciation Day

Lifeblood Beer Can Appreciation Day Coozie

Curate Your Coozie Collection – It’s fairly common for companies to kick out coozies for quick promo. They’re kickass, they cost little and last forever. Unfortunately, they’re also easy to lose in junk drawers and car trunks and parking lots. Do yourself a favor and buy a new coozie (a.k.a koozie, cozy, coozy). Gather your one-can-coolers together and keep them in a safe place. Take some time out to curate your own collection. They work hard so you don’t have to. Appreciate them.

Get Some Exercise – Do 12oz curls until you’re exhausted. This routine is great for strengthening belly girth. You won’t gain muscle but you will have a six-pack. You’ll also have the courage of ten men by the end of your circuit. Strength is a state of mind, right?

High Ollie Contest – Stack ’em and clack ’em! How high can you ollie (see what I did there)? If a Coors can is 5 inches tall, and you can ollie 30 inches, how many Coors cans can you ollie? I understand that mathematics may not be forthcoming at this time. The answer is one vertical 6-pack. So, riddle me this: how many vertical 6-packs could Aldrin Garcia ollie? I apologize in advance for referring to complex fractions on Beer Can Appreciation Day.

Prepare To Be Bummed – Watch the full Brew Swet video and take a drink every time you think the word “gnarly” – in thirty minutes, you oughta be pretty bummed.

Sloshball! – A brilliant combination of softball and keg parties, Sloshball requires that you have a can of beer in your hand at all times. Beer drinking is as much a part of the game as making outs and scoring runs. What better a sport for National Beer Can Appreciation Day? Get out there, drink beer, slap ass, play ball!

Hipster Photoshoot – Make a Beer Can Pinhole Camera and take artsy ass photos at your next skate session. They’ll come out terrible and look super weird. It’ll be awesome. And frustrating.

Gandalf Celebrates Beer Can Appreciation Day

Become A Wizard – If you can drink your own height in beer cans, you become a wizard. As you drink, tape them together until the staff is head high and then proudly proclaim your graduation from wizard school. Run around, speak in tongues. Cast some magics spells. Fly around the room on a broom while invisible. Then army crawl your way to Mordor and take a long nap. Congratulations on your recent accomplishments.

Celebrate Beer Can Appreciation Day – Horde cool beer stuff in celebration of this lip smacking holiday. You can commemorate the sinking of the Beer-tanic. You could exclaim Cheers! More Beers! with a t-shirt. You could put your hard earned cash into a bizarre Volcom Beer Wallet. Maybe buy Beerings instead of bearings. Support Lowcard’s brown paper bag recycling program. The possibilities are not endless. They will end when you fall asleep.

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