Deck the Halls With Holiday Skateboard Videos

December 5, 2013

Holiday Skateboard VideosWe made a little list of skateboard videos that remind us of the holidays, perfect for stuffing stockings and dashing through the snow and listening to silver bells and all that junk. And we didn’t bother to check it twice. What’d we forget?

Not everyone celebrates Christmas we know that, but a lot of people do. Regardless, it just so happens there’s been a few times over the years that folks have put on Santa suits and gone skating. Have you seen our newest SW video? But sometimes the holiday spirit is slightly more subtle, like in the meaning of Procol Harum’s A Christmas Camel or when you’re really stretching and using the Dead Kennedy’s Holiday in Cambodia as an example. Here’s some holiday and Christmas inspired stuff that all comes from the guts and glory of skateboarding.

A List of Holiday Inspired Skateboard Videos

Think 3:28. But you should probably just watch the whole thing. It’s been a long time since Landspeed: CKY, but like Christmas, it’s classic.

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Jamie Thomas comes to town in Zero’s New Blood.

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The Berrics Manny Christmas speaks for itself. Manny Christmas!

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Colin Kennedy and Paul Shier skate to A Christmas Camel by Procol Harum in Blueprint’s Make Friends With The Colour Blue. We’re not really sure what this song is all about, with lyrics like “Some Santa Claus-like face of note/ Entreats my ears to set afloat” and a lot of talk about an Arabian, but we do know Christmas jargon when we hear it. It’s in!

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We wanted to make the Christmas vibe a little less harsh so we threw in these next two holiday-ish skateboard videos. Joey Brezinski and Chris Roberts skate to Holiday by Dutch Dub in Via Marina and Dan Drehobl’s part in Think’s Damage features Dead Kennedys Holiday in Cambodia. These songs are clearly not about Christmas. But since holiday is just another word for Christmas, what the heck.

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Remember when Fallen and Real were skating the streets of Bangkok at Christmas time last year in Skateboarding On Christmas?

Chris Cole, Tom Asta, Justin Berry, Ian Berry, Brian Basheda, Shane Colville, John Tuck and Adam Hribar make us feel extra merry this time of year with Reign’s Christmas Edit.

Well that’s it, we’ve spent too long on this holiday skateboard videos list already. And now that you’ve wasted a bunch of time watching these, go get some holiday shopping done at Skate Warehouse. Also don’t forget to check out Thrasher’s Hanukkah thread! Go skate!

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