How To Backside 180 | Skateboarding Trick Tips

March 29, 2014

The backside 180, another basic trick and quite a fun one at that. Read more as we go over the steps behind it, and don’t forget to check out the video below where Jarvis shows you the ropes. Get all your Skateboarding Trick Tips from Skate Warehouse.

How To Backside 180

1. Your feet should be in the same basic ollie position, but instead of keeping your shoulders parallel to your direction you wind them up for the backside rotation. If you’re goofy turn your shoulders to the right, for regular wind up to the left.

Trick Tips How To Backside 180 Step 1

2. Pop your tail and slide your front foot up. As you’re about to pop, start rotating your shoulders backside. You should already be rotating by the time you pop, try to keep everything in one fluid motion.

Trick Tips How To Backside 180 Step 2

3. Suck your knees up and prepare for landing. At the peak of your ollie, you should be rotated about 90 degrees. Rotating backside, you will be facing backwards (blindside). Don’t freak out. Bring your back foot around to lead your momentum as you come towards the ground. If you’re short on rotation, when you land put a little more weight on your front foot and slide your back wheels to the full 180.

Trick Tips How To Backside 180 Step 3

4. Try to land bolts and let your body come around for the full rotation.

Trick Tips How To Backside 180 Step 4

5. Ride away clean!

Trick Tips How To Backside 180 Step 5

This trick can be difficult but it’s very rewarding, and can be very stylish. Keep at it, get out there and go skate! Find Trick Tips and a lot more skateboarding at the Skate Warehouse YouTube page.

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