How To Backside Heelflip I Skateboarding Trick Tips

April 19, 2014

Charlie Bowman breaks down how to backside heelflip in this Skate Warehouse Trick Tip. The backside heelflip is a flip trick variation that can work on an obstacle. Charlie shows you how to do it on flatground and takes it to a pyramid hip as well. This trick consists of a heelflip and a backside 180.

How To Backside Heelflip

1. First learn backside 180 and heelflips (click for trick tips for either of those tricks).

2. Have your back foot on the back corner of the board, right in the pocket of the concave, ready to pop.

2 Charlie Bowman Backside Heelflip

3. Have your front foot center with your toes hanging off slighty, to get the perfect amount of flip. Make sure your toes aren’t too far off, it can cause it to over flip.

3 Charlie Bowman Backside Heelflip

4. Turn your shoulders in towards your backside 180. It’ll make your body naturally rotate and make it easier to land.

4 Charlie Bowman Backside Heelflip

5. When you first pop, give it a good heelflip with your shoulders turned.

5 Charlie Bowman Backside Heelflip

6. Catch it 90 degrees.

6 Charlie Bowman Backside Heelflip

7. Bring it the rest of the way. Land it bolts and roll away.

7 Charlie Bowman Backside Heelflip

How To Backside Heelflip Video

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