How To Feeble Grind

June 28, 2014

The feeble grind is a great basic rail-trick that will help you progress on your skateboarding adventure. Get comfortable with backside boardslides then give this one a shot. Read more and get our step by step breakdown of how to feeble grind. Find lots more How To’s here at the Go Skate Blog!

How To Feeble Grind

How to Feeble Grind 1

1. Approach the rail at a moderately fast speed and at a 20 to 30 degree angle.

How to Feeble Grind 2

2. Ollie onto the rail and land with your board and back truck in the feeble position. Keep all your weight on your back foot.

How to Feeble Grind 3

3. As you reach the end of the rail, lift the nose of your board up to keep it from hitting the ground as you grind off the end of the rail.

How to Feeble Grind 4

4. Land bolts and ride away clean!

Keep at it, once you get these down you can start unlocking smiths and front feebles. Have fun, get out there and go skate!

How To Feeble Grind Video

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