How To Frontside Boardslide

June 21, 2014

The frontside boardslide, or front board, is a great basic rail trick. And learning how to frontside boardslide is easier said then done. Check out our step-by-step guide here and get out and try a few yourselves! Find more How To’s here at the Go Skate Blog!

How To Frontside Boardslide

1. Approach the rail frontside at a slide angle. Bend your knees and prepare to pop slightly before where you want to get on.

How To Frontside Boardslide 1

2. Pop and place the middle of your board on the rail. You want to keep your momentum going forward and your weight over your board and the rail. While your feet and board will be perpendicular to the rail, keep your shoulders parallel with the rail and look in the direction you’re going.

How To Frontside Boardslide 2

3. As you approach the end of the rail, make a slight rotation to turn yourself and board back to regular. Or you can continue the backside rotation and land fakie.

How To Frontside Boardslide 3

4. Try to land bolts and ride away clean!

How To Frontside Boardslide 4

The front board will open up a plethora of other tricks and help you progress as a skater. Consider this one a must-have for your bag of tricks. Keep at it, get out there and go skate!

How To Frontside Boardslide Video

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