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June 14, 2014

The frontside pop shuvit, or front shuv, is another basic, fun and stylish trick. Once you get your regular shuvits down, go ahead and try these. Keep in mind that some people feel more comfortable with this trick riding their board backwards, so when you land your board is going in the right direction. Read on for a step by step breakdown of how to frontside pop shuvit. Get all the How To’s you need here at the Go Skate Blog.

How To Frontside Pop Shuvit

1. Start with your front foot hanging slightly off the toe-side of your board, have the ball/arch of your back foot in the heel-side concave pocket of the tail.

How To Frontside Pop Shuvit 1

2. Pop off your back foot and simultaneously scoop the board for the rotation. Use your front foot to guide the board around, avoid flicking the edge as to keep the board from flipping. Keep your shoulders straight.

How To Frontside Pop Shuvit 2

3. As the board comes around, keep your front foot out and ready for the catch.

How To Frontside Pop Shuvit 3

4. Once you catch the board with your front foot, bring your back foot back to the board.

How To Frontside Pop Shuvit 4

5. Try to land bolts and ride away clean!

How To Frontside Pop Shuvit 5

Keep in mind that this trick might end up rotating slightly behind you, so as you pop jump backwards a little for an easier catch. Get out there, try a few, and go skate!

How To Frontside Pop Shuvit – Video Tutorial

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