How To Half Cab I Skateboarding Trick Tips

May 3, 2014

The half cab is another great basic trick with tons of variations. For this one you should be comfortable with riding fakie and fakie ollies. “Fakie” is when you ride in the opposite direction of your normal stance and still pop off your back foot. Basically you are riding backwards, so get comfortable with that before trying this trick. See all the SW How To’s or YouTube for more answers to your skateboarding questions.

How To Half Cab – Skateboarding Trick Tips

1. Riding fakie, put your feet in the normal ollie position and wind your shoulders up for the rotation.

How To Half Cab 1

2. As you pop, you should already be rotating the half cab. With a fakie pop, be sure to push your back foot in the direction you’re going to keep your board under you.

How To Half Cab 2

3. Suck your knees up as you come around to 90 degrees and prepare to land. Make sure you continue rotaing your shoulders to the full 180 and start guiding your board with your front foot.

How To Half Cab 3

4. Try to land bolts and ride away clean. If you short on rotation, you can land on your back trucks first and slide the rest of the way to the full 180.

How To Half Cab 4

The half cab is a fun and versatile trick and a must have for anyones bag. So get out there and try a few. Practice makes perfect so don’t give up!

How To Half Cab How – Video Tutorial

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