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October 23, 2013

Hardflips are not easy. They are a hard flip to learn. The name is not a coincidence. Some people find switch hardflips come easier than regular, since it’s such an awkward trick. Double hardflips, 360 hardflips and ghetto birds are really easy… just kidding.

how to hardflip down a big six

A hardflip occurs when your frontside pop shuvit makes love to a kickflip. Technically, you could call it a frontside varial kickflip. You shouldn’t call it that though. They’re difficult enough to have earned a unique moniker. Besides, when you’re first learning hardflips they have a tendency to knife you in the taint. They should be respected.

Learning How To Hardflip:

First thing’s first – learn kickflips really well. Get a feel for the flick. You’ve probably done this already; moving on.

Next, practice frontside shuvits till you get them to pop. Do a front shuv up a tall curb. Got it? Now kickflip off the curb on the other side. You’re ready.

Sidenote: if you can do frontside kickflips, you’re pretty much dancing with a hardflip. A hardflip is a frontside flip without any body rotation. If you can frontside flip, you pretty much know how to hardflip. Just sayin’.

The third step is easy and enjoyable. Watch the videos below. If by the end of this post you don’t have hardflips down solid, well, they’re hard, keep practicing. You’ll get it. Go Skate!

Slow Motion Hardflips with Jade Sadeghian:

How To Hardflip with Jarvis Weber:

Hardflip History Lesson:

The first hardflip to be captured on film was executed by Daewon Song in the 1992 World Industries Love Child video. Song had this to say:

The worst hardflip ever documented? It was the first, but it was the worst, so it’s cool. So it’s like first and worst. Back then, too, I didn’t even know what it was. ‘Cause all I know is that I had to mule-kick the f*** out of my front… Back foot, move it out of the way. And if you shot a photo, there would definitely be three frames of something that just did not look right.

Many pro skateboarders are renowned for legendary hardflips. Stevie Williams pulled a hardflip nosegrind at Love Park in Philadelphia. Brandon Turner hardflipped the Carlsbad Gap (R.I.P.). In the Almost 5-Incher video, Lewis Marnell does a boss hardflip to 5-0 grind. Andrew Pott freakin’ hardflipped Wallenberg. Gino Ianucci, Chet Thomas, Kris Markovic and Bryan Herman all have steezy hardflips. In the most recent skate mags, there’s a DGK ad with Boo Johnson landing a hardflip back smith on a thin round rail. Ridiculous.

Do you already know how to hardflip? Tell us the biggest thing you’ve hardflipped or link a video in the comment section.

World Industries Love Child – Full Video

(Daewon Song’s legendary hardflip is the ender-ender at 14:47)

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