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June 7, 2014

The no comply is a fun basic trick that presents endless opportunity for variation. It can be done on flatground, on banks or quarterpipes, off drops and there’s a lot of variations of the trick itself; 360 no comply, no comply revert and so on. We’re here today to take you through the steps for the basic frontside 180 no comply, then you can take it from there! Read on for a step by step breakdown of how to no comply. Get all the How To’s you need here at the Go Skate Blog.

How To No Comply

1. Set your feet up in the basic ollie position, but keep the arch of your back foot in the heel-side concave pocket. Wind your shoulders up like you would for a regular frontside 180.

How To No Comply 1

2. Slide your front foot off the board and plant it on the ground, simultaneously pop your back foot and scoop your board in the frontside 180 rotation. Be sure to push it in front of you with your forward momentum.

How To No Comply 2

3. As your board comes around to 90 degrees, jump off your front foot and catch your board with it, bringing it around for the full 180. Try to do all of this in one smooth, fluid motion.

How To No Comply 3

4. Land bolts and ride away clean!

How To No Comply 4

This is a fun mess-around trick. Or you can get gnarly and take it to a spot. However you slice it, this is a good one to have in the bag. So get out there and try a few. Go skate!

How To No Comply – Video Tutorial

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