How To Ollie I Skateboarding Trick Tips

April 13, 2014

Right now we’re going to tell you how to ollie, the most basic skateboarding trick. Be sure to check out our video where Jarvis takes you through it at the bottom of this post. Get all the skateboarding Trick Tips you need from the Go Skate Blog.

Skate Warehouse Trick Tips: How To Ollie

1. Proper foot placement is really important when learning how to ollie. Your back foot should be on the back of the tail, your front foot should be somewhere between the middle of the board and just behind your front bolts.

Trick Tips How To Ollie Step 1

2. Bend your knees and smack or “pop” your tail on the group with your back foot. Simultaneously slide the outside of your front foot along your board to your nose.

Trick Tips How To Ollie Step 4

3. Jump! As you slide your front foot up, jump upwards and suck your knees up, leveling yourself and the board.

Trick Tips How To Ollie Step 3

4. Try to land on your bolts. As you return to the ground, suck your knees up to absorb the impact and keep your balance.

Trick Tips How To Ollie Step 2

5. Ride away clean!

As the most basic trick, the ollie is something you want to be able to do. It’s the foundation on which all other tricks are based, and practice makes perfect. Don’t get discouraged and go skate! Find Trick Tips and a lot more skateboarding at the Skate Warehouse YouTube page.

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