How To Pop Shuvit | Skateboarding Trick Tips

May 24, 2014

The pop shuvit is a great basic trick and very helpful if you need to flip your board around in a line. Get down with the get down and check out our step by step tips then get out there and try a few! Here’s how to pop shuvit!

How to Pop Shuvit

1. Riding forward set your feet up in a normal ollie position.

how to pop shuvit 1

2. Rather than popping this trick like an ollie, scoop your back foot to get the board to do the rotation, use your front foot to guide it around. Try not to flick the edge of the board or you might end up landing primo.

how to pop shuvit 2

3. Catch your board with your front foot, bring your back foot around and back to the board.

how to pop shuvit 3

4. Try to land bolts and ride away clean!

how to pop shuvit 4

If you’re having a hard time getting this one, try sliding it around on the ground without popping. Hopefully this helps you on your skateboarding adventure, stay persistent!

How To Pop Shuvit-To Video Tutorial

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