How To Use Shoe Goo: Preventing Wear & Tear

March 18, 2014

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Skate shoes are not cheap. Skate shoes do not live long lives. The average life span for a pair of kicks will vary, but it’s rarely longer than a couple of months. If you skate hard for several hours a day, your shoes may last a couple of weeks at best. Even with low Skate Warehouse prices this means you’re spending a lot of cash to keep skate-able shoes on your feet.

In this post, we’ll recommend some preventative measures that you can take to lengthen the lifeline of your beloved beaters. Watch the video below and learn how to use Shoe Goo to get the most out of your poor, busted ass skate shoes. Then save this infographic to your desktop or smart device for quick, easy access to the best way to save your old shoes.

How To Use Shoe Goo: Preventing Wear & Tear

Shoe care is easier than shoe repair. Once you begin to see wear in the key flick areas of your skate shoes, take these simple steps to breathe some life back into them with DIY magic:

  1. Make sure the affected area is dry and free of dirt.
  2. How To Use Shoe Goo 1 Clean Surface

  3. Remove the cap from your Shoe Goo, puncture the seal with a key or screwdriver.
  4. How To Use Shoe Goo 2 Puncture Seal

  5. Apply a dab of shoe goo on either side of the affected area.
  6. How To Use Shoe Goo 3 Dab Two Spots

  7. Using a wetted finger, gently smooth out the Shoe Goo to create an even coat across the worn-out area.
    • An ice cube or an old credit card works well in place of your finger.
  8. How To Use Shoe Goo 4 Smooth It Out

  9. Allow the Shoe Goo to dry for at least 24 hours before using your shoes again.
  10. They’re alive! GO SKATE

Once your shoes get scuffed up, they already look a bit haggard. Using this Shoe Goo trick doesn’t make them look any worse and you’ll significantly extend the life of your skate shoes.

How To Use Shoe Goo Original Clear

If your shoes are beyond the first stages of abuse, with big holes in the upper materials or the outsoles, you can try to fill them in with shoe-goo. It may take longer than 24 hours to dry and you may end up with some weird lumps, but it is possible. However, now that you know how to use shoe goo properly, your best bet is to patch them up early.

The adhesive in Shoe Goo is specially formulated with extra abrasion-resistance and thickness to extend the life of all kinds of shoes. Shoe Goo works on pretty much everything from leather and rubber, to vinyl and canvas. There’s no big mess and it’s easy to use. The Goo dries to a waterproof, flexible rubber, so it can repair without breaking or cracking. We sell Shoe Goo in 3.7oz tubes, which is enough to fix many pairs of shoes – or one pair many times!

Pick up some Shoe Goo Clear or Shoe Goo Black from Skate Warehouse, fix your shit, and GO SKATE!

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