HUF x Cheech And Chong 420 Collab

April 18, 2014

HUF Cheech and Chong Banenr

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This 420 HUF has teamed up with none other than Cheech and Chong for a stinky collab of socks and tees. We love Cheech and Chong more then we can express in words. And that’s because expressing things in words is hard. If you’re with us support your favorite 420 supporters by picking up this tasty collab!

The total package includes one style of socks in three different colorways (green, white and grey) and two different tees in a variety of colors. The socks come in custom packaging and each pair has one Cheech sock and one Chong sock. One dude for each foot! You’ll never get confused about which is which again. One tee sports a photo print that was shot in Los Angeles of the duo in present time, like just the other day, and the second features the cover art from the 1981 Cheech and Chong film Nice Dreams. Which you should be having right about now. Finish off the look with some Plant Life socks, some HUF Tie Dye (as seen on Chong in the photos below) and lots of other 420 goodies in our Accessories section!

HUF x Cheech And Chong 420 Collab

Huf Cheech and Chong All Shirts

Huf Cheech and Chong Dreams 420 Shirt

The HUF Nice Dreams 420 T-Shirt

Huf Cheech and Chong 420 2014 shirt

The HUF 420-2014 T-Shirt

Huf Cheech and Chong 420 Socks

Huf Cheech and Chong Socks Out-2

The HUF Cheech & Chong 420 Socks

Successful beyond their wildest dreams, the iconic comedy duo Cheech & Chong defined an era with their hilariously irreverent, satirical, counter-culture, no-holds-barred comedy routines. Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong’s phenomenal success began on the stand up comedy circuit which led to 9 hit comedy albums and 8 hit films, breaking box office records, shattering comedy album sales, garnering multiple Grammy nominations and mesmerizing fans for more than a decade.

With nine albums released from 1972 through 1985, Cheech and Chong were nominated for four Grammy Awards, winning the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album with their third album, Los Cochinos, released in 1973. Big Bambu, their second album, was the biggest selling comedy record of all time in 1972 and remained so for many years. Their stunningly successful comedy streak transitioned to film in 1978 with their first movie, “Up In Smoke,” the highest grossing comedy of 1978, topping $100 million at the box office. Cheech and Chong co-wrote and starred in a total of eight feature films together, all directed by Chong.

From the world famous Troubadour in Los Angeles where they were initially discovered, Cheech & Chong announced their first tour in over 25 years!” -as seen in the Cheech and Chong website bio

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