How To Insert And Remove Skateboard Bearings

April 1, 2014

Your pal and Skate Warehouse resident Adam Ottenberg explains how to insert and remove skateboard bearings without using a bearing press in this new How To. Check out SW’s entire bearing collection for the best selection online.

Bones STF V5 Wheels

If you have a bearing press, great! Use it. They’re awesome. If you’re like the rest of us, you probably have a normal skate tool or even just some borrowed items from your Dad’s tool box. If the latter applies then this post is for you.

Read on for our simple walk through on how to remove those old, crusty shop rollers and insert some shiny new Bones Ceramics. We’re offering a step by step breakdown and a video with all the info you need for that basic skate maintenance.

How To Remove Skateboard Bearings

Step 1: Remove the wheel(s) from the truck(s).

Step One Skateboard Bearings

Step One Skateboard Bearings 2

Step 2: Grip the wheel like a clutch or a computer mouse and place it on your axle. The tip of the axle should only go as far in as the center of the wheel – between the two bearings.

Step Two Skateboard Bearings

Step 3: Pop the bearing out by twisting the far side of the wheel toward you, leveraging your weight against the axle.

Step Three Skateboard Bearings

Step Three Skateboard Bearings 2

Step 4: Flip the wheel around and pop out the second bearing the same way.

Step Four Skateboard Bearings

How To Insert Skateboard Bearings

Step 1: Once you have your old bearings out and your new bearings ready, you can replace the bearings. Slide your first bearing onto your truck.

Step Nine Skateboard Bearings 2

Step 2: Grab your wheel and slide it on flush with the bearing. Use a little pressure to press the bearing into the wheel, so it fits snug and is even with the wheel.

Step Five Skateboard Bearings

Step 3: Once you’ve inserted this bearing you can remove the wheel and look to see if your bearing is sitting flush inside the wheel.

Step Six Skateboard Bearings

Step 4: Flip your wheel around and do the same to the other side, grabbing around the truck while pressing in the second bearing to get a little more force. Give it a spin and watch to see if it rolls even.

Step Seven Skateboard Bearings

Step 5: Once you’ve got your bearings switched out you’ll want to attach your wheels back to your truck and tighten on the axle nut. You’re ready to roll.

Step Eight Skateboard Bearings 2

Step 6: To put on all new bearings repeat that process three more times and roll away clean.

Thanks so much for coming to Skate Warehouse for your step by step instructions on how to insert and remove skateboard bearings without a bearings press. For other skateboarding pointers check out our YouTube page as well as the How To category here on the Go Skate Blog. To tie things up we’ve got Adam’s video below for a quick refresher on what you just read.

How To Insert/Remove Skateboard Bearings Video

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