Joey Brezinski Interview

June 2, 2014

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Legendary manual maniac, pug whisperer, Audi enthusiast, burrito lover and 70’s futébol all-star Joey Brezinski recently sat down with us to answer a few questions. Find out about his close encounter with a UFO, what a real burrito man thinks about Chipotle, how Pizza the Pug almost died and more. You can watch much of the Joey Brezinski interview on our YouTube channel. However, we like to keep our videos short and sweet – much of the content was sliced and diced to slim it down for YouTube. You can read the full Joey Brezinski Interview below.

Joey Brezinski Interview

by Roger Bagley & Skate Warehouse

Good morning, Joey.

Good morning. Can you see my legs?


Alright, cool, cause they’re showin’ (laughs).

How was breakfast today? What did you have?

I had a breakfast burrito. It was good.

Where are you guys staying in San Luis Obispo?

We’re staying at the Avenue Inn. It’s a cool little hotel. Don’t get a package sent there though they’ll refuse it.

What did they refuse?

Well I was trying to get a box sent up from Puma and this morning we’re like “hey, did a package show up?” they’re like “oh yeah, we refused it”. So we had to go pick it up. I was like, alright it’s hotel, you have a bunch of guests here you’d think they’d want to get their packages.

Take note, Avenue Inn! Where are you from originally and where do you live now?

I’m originally from Southern California, San Bernardino County area and now I live in Venice Beach, California.

What are you current sponsors?

My current sponsors, um Cliché, Andalé, Autobahn, Diamond, Grizzly, Tensor, Puma, Footprint, OlloClip… fuck, am I forgetting anybody? Hope I didn’t forget anybody! Awesome Brand.

Do you have a burrito sponsor?

Um, I’m working on one, eventually. Some prospects, possibly, anything but Chipotle.

Do you know any skateboarders with a burrito sponsor?

(laughs) No.

Nobody sponsored by Chipotle?

Ahh, I would never wanna be sponsored by Chipotle. It’s so fake! How do you make a burrito with no refried beans and white rice. You get white rice and no refried beans.

It’s sad. I saw a sign that said From The Farm To Your Face or something like that. It’s just gross.

Yeah I tried to go in there and get a bean and cheese burrito and I ended with just like a tortilla and cheese ’cause they didn’t have any real beans. It’s terrible.

Te gusta cilantro?

Yeah, I like cilantro. It’s good.

Some people just don’t like cilantro.

There’s like, a percentage of the population that it’s either you could handle cilantro, you like it or it just tastes completely horrible. There’s no like, oh I kinda like it or I don’t really like it. It’s either, or. It’s like the chemicals on your tongue. It’s like “blech” or “yeah!”

What’s your current skate setup?

My current deck setup is a 7.78″ Impact Plus board. I’m actually wanting to go a little smaller. Trying to get my shape that I ride in a 7.6″ just to see. I used to ride a 7.5″ as a kid and I used to be able to do a lot more flip tricks I feel like, so maybe go back to being a kid again.

Trucks and size? Loose or tight?

My trucks are Tensors, 5.0’s. They’re highs, or mediums, whatever just not lows. I’d say about a medium tightness. Something that can lock into mannies, not squirrel out.

Autobahn Wheels, what size?

My wheels, I ride the Arrows, they’re 50mm. I don’t know the hardness but they’re pretty hard. They go hard in the streets (laughs).


Bearings, I ride Andalé Swiss, the blue shields, but I pop the shields off so I can hear the sound of them go “sssscccchhhh”


For hardware I ride 7/8″ Diamond Hardware. Paul Rodriguez or Torey sometime, I dunno.

Risers or no risers?

Um, no risers. I don’t really mess with risers.


I use Grizzly Grip and I cut three stripes or three lines so I can always have the top line where my kickflip would be so I know which way the nose is and I know where to put my foot for a kickflip.

What projects are you currently filming for? What’s next?

We just started the new Cliché video, I guess that’s next and then, I don’t know, I’ll probably do 100 Instagram videos this week of something. Instagram’s next. It’s instant.

If you could skate any one spot right now, where would it be and with who?

I’d probably skate that spot Busenitz is skating in Spain right now (points to Adidas banner on the wall). That looks really fun and I would probably bring Roger Bagley to film.

If you could just be anywhere else in the world right now, where and with whom?

It’s starting to get warm, New York’s always fun. I like going out there and skating so, either New York or the manny pad in my back yard. That’s always nice to be home.

When you’re not skating, what’s the fun agenda?

Working on Andalé, shipping and just kind of running the business I guess. I guess that’s what I’m doing when I’m not skateboarding: running Andalé… and eating burritos.

You started Andalé Bearings in 2012 with P-Rod, how’s business?

Yeah, me and P-Rod started Andalé Bearings 2012. You know, it’s been what, a year and a half pretty much in business. It’s going good, it’s a lot of hard work. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into when I thought, “man, I want to start a company”. I like to call it my college years cause I’m kind of learning all the business steps first hand. Like learning how to skateboard, you just try it and do it and learn it – it’s kinda the same thing with business. Just dive in and see what happens.

When I was receiving manager not long ago, I was emailing you directly for Andalé return auths. Are you still on the ground floor doing the dirty work?

Yeah, I mean, with Andalé, I do everything. It’s really small, we have a low overhead so it’s easy to maintain but it’s just… my mornings are, I wake up, I go and ship boxes and get the orders out, find out if the team needs anything or there might be a new t-shirt idea or all of it, like it’s all me hands on.

The Andalé Team consists of a lot of heavy hitters – is there a video in the works?

Um, no, I don’t know if we’ll ever do a video. I mean, we’re steady on the Instagram videos so that’s pretty much, you know… our focus is that and making a good product at affordable prices.

So what’s next for Andalé Bearings, anything in the mix?

I dunno, just keep moving forward and yeah, there’s no big plans, just make good bearings and try to get them in everyone’s wheels so they can roll fast.

Who do you think are the most underrated skateboarders right now?

Casey Rigney is probably the most underrated skateboarder of all times. Other than that, man there’s… shoot… Thomas Leurentop, James Espinoza. Everyone I skate with should probably be more noticed in skateboarding.

Didn’t Casey skate for Arcade back in the day?

Yeah, Casey Rigney did skate for Arcade.

What’s he doing now?

I think right now he’s like deadliest catch style up in Alaska. He’s catching crab or fish or doing something in the ocean.

RB: I thought he got married and is living in like, fuckin’ Bali…

No, no he’s not doing that.

RB: I thought he married some girl from Cirque du Soleil.


RB: Someone told me that.

That’s a bullshit lie. I would have heard that, I would have been invited to the wedding. I would hope!

What was it like to skate for Arcade back in the day?

The Arcade days was a lot of fun. None of us knew what we were doing. It was no worries, no stress. It was being a teenager. It was drinking beer and hopefully landing a trick. Hanging out with SAD, SAD was good. SAD Jovi. Malcolm, still see Malcolm a lot, he skates, he’s ripping. Casey’s deep sea fishing. Brian London off in Denver, I don’t know what he’s doing. No, maybe not, he’s off in Reno. Who else was on? Tyrone Olson. I see Tyrone sometimes. He was at The Berrics the other day trying to nollie hardflip the table on flat. I was like damn! Hell yeah, T-bone (laughs).

Still killing it. So Jason Rogers is still doing Autobahn, yeah? Do you stay in contact with him?

Yeah, Jason Rogers, still alive and well. He’s doing Autobahn. Living in Santa Monica. He’s probably skating Stoner Plaza right now. So yeah, he’s still highly active.

Alright, so if you could cherry pick any non-skateboarding sponsor, who would it be?

Audi and… American Express? I don’t know. Give me a credit card with no limits.

Do you have any tricks for getting over being nervous when you’re skating in front of a large crowd? Are you still nervous?

Um, yes and no. It depends on what it is I guess. Like Manny Mania was a pretty big event and I got used to that but I guess it comes and goes. You’re never really un-nervous skating in front of people. I’m more nervous skating in front of like, if I’m trying to film a trick or something and kids show up then I get like “oh man!” That’s when I get nervous, like shit this guys sucks! He’s trying that trick for that long!

If you had to choose, last meal?

Um, fuck, tough choice. I guess, a Beans, Rice and Cheese with Sour Cream and Potatoes.

What would your spirit animal be?

A pug.

Do you have any good UFO or Sasquatch stories?

UFO story? Yeah! Dude I was filming a Day In The Life with Nick Dompierre. We’re skating through Venice and I just have the camera in his face and he’s saying something and dude – some kid noticed it when I posted it – like a full-on silver spear flies in the frame and flies out. And I was like, kinda puzzled by it. But that was pretty much my encounter with a UFO. I didn’t even notice it. It was just something that happened in the video that some kid noticed and he pointed it out… and now it’s on my YouTube page. I have a UFO on YouTube.

What video is that? Where can you find it?

If you look on my YouTube page, I think it’s just and it’s Nick Dompierre’s Day In The Life. Like, he hides a board and sees a UFO (laughs).

Do you have any advice for young bucks trying to make it in skateboarding right now?

Any advice for the youth in skateboarding trying to come up? Just be yourself. Be unique and do your own thing and hopefully people notice.

Do you have a favorite quote or some words of wisdom for living a good life?

Uh, let me think of something corny for this one, I don’t know. Just live, I guess, I don’t know.

I heard that Pizza The Pug ate some crazy bug in the lawn and we almost lost her? What happened, is she alright?

Oh yeah, Pizza almost died dude! She just ate lunch or dinner or whatever, late afternoon snack, and was out front doing her thing, peeing, pooping. She started puking like crazy, just non-stop and then pretty much just fell over and passed out. I scooped her up, threw her in the car, like she was just limp, super limp like a noodle. I didn’t really know where the animal hospital was and it was Friday rush hour in LA traffic so I’m running red lights. Finally find the place, run in and they were like… dude it was moments to get it to the vet. They revived her, gave her some, I don’t know, steroid or something and brought her back to life but she was that close. Dude, she was going into the light and it was scary.

Glad we didn’t lose her! Is she stoked on her new Footprint insoles?

Dude, she knows. Pizza knows she’s on a lot of insoles and she sees herself on TV and whatever. She knows what’s going on. She’s definitely a little ham, dude. She’s a celebrity in the dog world, I guess. She has a Purina Dog Food commercial coming out. I’ll have to send you the link.

That’s next level for a dog!


Is Pizza’s name really a reference to the Dave Attell skit about naming your kid Pizzapussysanta because everybody likes at least one of those things?

Pizza’s name did come from a Dave Attell skit, about the Pussypizzasanta. Everyone has to love one of those things. Pizza is one of the one’s I love for sure. And pussy. And Santa’s cool too.

You don’t have any other pugs named Pussy or Santa do you?

Nah. I’ve been thinking about getting a pig though. Name him Chorizo. Would be kind of sick.

Do you get to go skate with Daniel Espinoza very often?

I skate with Daniel Espinoza on the regular, you know. He’s part of the crew. I guess the people I skate with the most are him, Paul Hart, Nick Dompierre, James Espinoza, Addie Fridy comes out from Vegas a lot. Who else do I really skate with… that’s pretty much the daily crew.

Is James Daniel’s brother?

A lot of people think James Espinoza is Daniel’s brother but, no they’re not related. I don’t think. In LA, Espinoza’s a pretty common name.

Do you and Daniel go overseas for Cliché more often then the French crew visits here or vice versa?

Shoot, riding for Cliché, going overseas was, you know, a few years ago we’d do a lot of trips overseas. I find now that we’re doing a lot more stuff in LA or in America. We’re going to Minneapolis in May to do some stuff. So I feel like now we’re kind of more exploring the US, which is cool, pretty stoked, but I do miss France a lot. Cliché’s definitely growing here in the US and we’re definitely doing cool things. We got Daniel and we have Paul Hart reppin it and other Americans. Pete Eldridge. So we’re definitely doing cool things like that and who knows who else, you know?

Who is your favorite technical/manual skateboarder?

Shoot. I dunno, yeah I’m a fan of certain technical skaters but I’m like, I have a variety of favorite skaters. Marc Johnson, Gino, Jeremy Wray, you know, Tom Penny as a kid was one of my favorites. Danny Way, Virtual Reality, pretty much everyone in that. I feel like I was influenced a lot by a bunch of different skateboarders, you know? I took a piece of each of them and liked a certain thing that they did or whatever. I try to like ’em all.

RB: What about Daewon?

And Daewon, yeah, that’s a given. Daewon is… he’s the man… he’s like, magic feet.

Yeah we were watching him skate the Dwindle ramp and it was just psycho, his trucks rattling like bones, at top speed, and he’s just killing it.

He’s just on a whole… he is probably the best skateboarder on the whole planet, because he can just get on it, no warm-up and do all that. Instantly. Like there’s not a million tries, he’s just gifted. It’s insane.

Yeah he’s gifted for sure. You’re a talented man on two wheels yourself, your 2-UP part was really good. How long did it take to film those clips?

Um, the 2-UP was, I think I was in there a total of 3 days and it was a lot of stress. A lot of hard work and stress cause you didn’t know what anyone else was doing and you wanted to make sure you were like, trying to put out the best thing you could put out and, you know, it was fun and stressful. But I was psyched it happened and see what happens in the next one.

Cool, it was really good. It’s got to be a trip to try to innovate and do it in a quick amount of time like that. That’s intense.

Yeah, it’s just harder when, you know it’s like yeah we have a Cliché deadline for the video but that, it’s like a year away or whatever. We get so much time and then with that it’s like hey you have 24 hours or whatever to film your part. It’s like, holy crap! Your brain is just non-stop going, “what do I do, what do I do?”

Yeah that’s intense. The next one will be exciting. But good manuals need good bearings, congrats on Daewon Song winning the 2-UP.

Yeah. Congrats Daewon! He did it, Andalé, helped him. I don’t think he could’ve done it without his bearings (laughs).

So what’s the status with Puma right now?

It’s good! It’s small. With Puma it’s a small thing we’ve got going on. You know, the guys wearing the shoes, Paul Hart, James Espinoza, Ben Fisher, Nick Dompierre, Bucky Lasek. I got Rodney Torres skating New York in Pumas right now. It’s just cool to give. I’m able to give kids shoes. Even just kids who need shoes or whatever. It’s just a good program right now. It’s nothing too crazy. It’s just seeding shoes and skating and having fun.

Anything coming up with Puma? Models we should look out for or videos or anything?

There could be some top secret stuff at Puma happening, so just, you know, see what happens.

I think you were the last of the mohicans at Adio. What was it like skating for Adio in the final years?

Aw geez. Oh man. Adio was, it was fun during the good times but at the end when they sold the brand and I was the last one there, pretty much, and trying to bring people on… (shakes head). I think I got Ronnie Creager on for like a month (laughs) sorry Ronnie, tried! Um, I’d say next question.

Then maybe we should omit this too but… do you have any good Adio Bam Margera stories?

Ffsshhit. Bam! Any Bam stories? I don’t know, like him puking on a parade in Spain out of our balcony window? He was just nuts. He did so much crazy stuff on trips. You’ve seen all of his videos on jackass and stuff he’s nuts man. I don’t know, throwing up on parades.

RB: Watch his new show, Monday nights at 10:30 on TBS.

(laughs) Nah.

So what happened to So Rad by Rusty, did the earbuds not stand up to the washing machine or what happened?

Well I was doing So Rad, which was like a branch off of Rusty and yeah, I don’t know what Rusty is doing now. It kinda just fizzled away. I don’t know, I couldn’t really tell you much. I don’t even know if they’re still in business. Are they? Is Rusty still in business? Do you guys carry it?

We don’t carry it and the website still looks out of date so I was wondering what the last thing you actually did with So Rad was.

So Rad was dope, it was doing well, like you know we had things going and then Rusty just kind of deaded it. And then I think it deaded itself (laughs). So, it’s one of those things. Learning lesson.

It was a good idea. I had a sample of the hoodie with the headphones in it…

Yeah, they still make those… I know Hoodie Buddy is like the brand that actually makes that headphone hoodie thing. I know he’s still doing things. I don’t know what he’s doing with it but… could’ve been done better. Live and learn.

How long did you have to put up with braces? When did you get them removed?

Braces? Pff, I don’t know how long I had braces on. At least 2 years I had braces on. I just had these redone (thumbs front teeth).

Looking good.

They were a lot bigger. I had them shrunk a little bit. Chris Nieratko’s gonna hate that but… he always said I should have a pro model with like, a toothbrush or comes with like dentures in it or something. That’s Chris. Thanks Chris.

You’re an Audi man. What do you drive and why do you love it?

Yeah, I guess you could call me an Audi enthusiast. I’ve had three Audis now. Two A4’s, one was a wagon one was a sedan and now I drive a A7. About do some crazy modifications to it I think. But, I don’t know, I’ve always loved Audi. I played, what was that game, not Need For Speed, shit what was that game called where you could like build your cars and then you race. What was that game called, fuckin…

Gran Turismo?

Yeah Gran Turismo, ok. Yeah so, ever since I was playing Gran Turismo and I think I built a yellow S4 or something. You know, I was a kid whatever, I was like damn I really want to get an Audi like this and now it’s just been my thing where I get to drive Audis. Actually, I talked to the guys there and they send me like, not prototype cars but I had the first RS5 in the states when they released it and I had the S7 when they released it. It was like, right around Christmas so it was kind of a Christmas present. I got that for a couple weeks. I’m supposed to be getting the new A3 that they just launched, the sedan. Just to kinda have it and Instagram it and shit.

Wow. Do you think it’s possible in the future to have Audi as an actual sponsor? You gonna be flow for Audi?

I mean, why not sponsor skateboarders, Audi? You should. I think it could be something cool. I don’t know. I know a lot of Audi drivers right now in skateboarding. I know Nick Tucker’s got one. Marc Johnson has got one. Mike Mo, I think Sean Malto got one. Tons of dudes, yeah Nyjah drives an R8. It’s ridiculous.

Yeah, that’s all-star team.

That is! They’re right there, that’s our team (laughs). Audi, we already got it. I could be the Team Manager.

So tell us about the Cliché Hair Cup series. Why are you dressed like this?

So today I’m… going back to my roots. Skating was always skating but in the 70’s I was a really good soccer player. But we would call it futébol, where I’m from.

So what’s the series coming out?

We have a board series called, uh, what’s it called? What are we calling it? The Euro cup? Hair? Like, hair? Oh ok, alright. So Cliché is introducing the Hair Cup (points at his wig) for the World Cup that’s coming up. The World Cup I think is in Brazil…

When’s it come out?

It’s dropping now. It’s available today. At Skate Warehouse!

Anything to add before we go?

The world should do what this says (points at Go Skate sticker), and what I do every day – go skate.

Thanks Joey

(grins) Ahhh, not bad for a hangover. Probably didn’t need cleats for this part, eh?

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