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May 10, 2014

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The skateboard industry has become quite the melting pot. From huge corporations sticking their grimy hands into the mess, to the small privately owned company that grew out of the pure love of skateboarding. Some companies have good intentions and others want to cash in on the “popular” skateboarding movement. Even though it’s hard to decipher one from another it’s up to us, the people, to support the right companies who are making products for the right reasons. If we continue to hand our money over to these powerhouse companies who don’t give two fucks about skateboarding they will swallow the industry as a whole.

None of us want that to happen, so next time you buy a new deck, shoes, shirt, whatever, make sure you’re putting your money into the right persons pocket. All in all I want to focus this blog post on a company you may or may not know, The Killing Floor. The Killing Floor is a smaller company started in 2009 out of Portland, Oregon. They solemnly believe skateboarding is a creative outlet and form of self-expression and I couldn’t agree anymore. The Killing Floor is on point right down to every inch of detail that goes into their products.

We recently we received their Spring/Summer drop. Check out the decks, hats and beanies below.

New Goods From The Killing Floor

The Killing Floor-6The Killing Floor-5

The Killing Floor-4The Killing Floor-3

The Killing Floor-2The Killing Floor 1

The Origins deck series is beautiful, filled with these wild yet simple collage graphics. You’ll be looking deeply into these graphics for quite some time before you really take it all in. It feels like someone poured their heart and soul into each one of these graphics. They have a certain feeling to them, something you don’t really get a lot of from skateboard companies nowadays.

I’m currently riding the My Friend Goo Deck in 8.5 and the shape is great and the wood is of high quality. This surely won’t be the last Killing Floor deck I’ll skate. One of the greatest parts about smaller companies is the pride they take in their materials and products. That defiantly shows in these.

The Killing Floor-11The Killing Floor-10

The Killing Floor-9The Killing Floor-8

The Killing Floor-7

The soft goods are just as appeasing as the decks. The two hats are simple and have a real clean looks to them. They’re durable and made of high quality fabrics. These guys aren’t messing around; all of these products are top shelf. The beanies look damn good, each of these bringing something exciting to the table. The Killing Floor really hit the nail on the head here. Anyway you look at it, The Killing Floor is killing it.

Each one of these products brings with it the feeling of individuality and creativity. Plus you’re supporting a smaller company. Next time you need to get a new hat, beanie or deck be sure to grab one from The Killing Floor. We really need to support these guys, because skateboarding needs companies like this.

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