King Of The Road 2013: Real Yard Sale


The Real team really went hard this year, they’re good sports, and they have a heavy hitting crew. At the drop of a hat, Peter Ramondetta takes the prank bait and travels to Fort Miley, Wallenberg High and Embarcadero to film himself getting a bank trick, a ledge trick and a flip trick with his own go pro, no questions asked. All for nothing except the exploitation of unwavering loyalty. Real.

Do strippers count?”

– Frank Gerwer

An extra make or two here, a twist of fate over there — and Real would have won this thing. Watch Jake Donnelly, Jake Ruiz, Justin Brock, Kyle Walker, Robbie Brockel and TJ Rogers in the Real Yard Sale footage for KOTR 2013.

KOTR 2013 – Real Yard Sale Footy

What is reality? Reality is the state or quality of having existence or substance. Real Skateboards has serious fucking substance and their decks should exist beneath your feet. Roll forever, go skate!