Lakai x Earl Sweatshirt Collab Camby Shoe

April 8, 2014

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If you aren’t dead inside then you’ve probably listened to “Doris” by Earl Sweatshirt. Doris is Earl’s first full album, which could be one of the greatest hip-hop albums of the past year. Now even if you are dead inside, you’re probably aware of Lakai Footwear, just one of the top footwear companies in the skateboard industry. From their team to there quality, Lakai shoes are well above standards.

What do these two completely different subjects have in common? Just a new Camby collab shoe, that’s what. The Earl Sweatshirt X Lakai Camby is impeccable. Whoever said there could be too much of a good thing sure as hell weren’t wearing these new shoes. Out of the full line Skate Warehouse is carrying just one of them, the important one.

The Camby’s canvas is made to adapt to what kind of use you’re going to be putting them through. Earl said he made the canvas pair mainly for on stage. But in all honesty if you’re a fan of skating canvas then these work. I’m sure they’ll do you justice either way. So whether you’re skating or moshing at an OF concert, we got you. Get my breakdown of the Camby from Earl Sweatshirt and Lakai below.

Lakai x Earl Sweatshirt Collab Camby Shoe

Earl Sweatshirt Camby Shoe

Earl Sweatshirt-3

Earl Sweatshirt-2

The Canvas Earl x Lakai Camby Shoe

The Canvas Earl Sweatshirt x Lakai Camby come in a grey and striped colorway, which was inspired by the original OF donut logo. These are the ultimate chill, kickback shoes. Don’t think twice, make sure to cop these before the gang of wolves do. Earl Sweatshirt fan or not, anyway you look at it these are a damn good looking pair of shoes.

A minimal, low boat inspired shoe, it’s still at the top when it comes to skate ability. Sports a canvas upper, minimal lacing with metal eyelets, a vulcanized outsole, seamless toecap and a thin tongue and collar. Lakai and Earl detailing throughout.


Canvas upper
Vulcanized outsole
Seamless toecap
Thin tongue and collar
Minimal lacing with metal eyelets

All in all this is an amazing collab. Make sure to pick these up asap because they’ll be sold out before you know it. Be sure to check out the rest our Lakai Collection at Skate Warehouse as well.

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