LET US ROAM – Episode Two: Arto Saari


Aarto Saari Episode Two Let Us Roam

Here is the second film from the LET US ROAM series featuring Arto Saari, a professional skateboarder born in Seinajoki, Finland. He’s been one of the most celebrated skateboarders of our time, while starring in several skate films and elevating the standard in the industry. In the last three years Arto has shifted his focus from skateboarding to photography. This short film captures that transition and his process to make photography his profession.


Let Us Roam with Greg Hunt and Atiba Jefferson coming soon to the Go Skate Blog! Let Us Roam is an ongoing short film series supported by Leica Camera. This series features stories about photographers, artists, filmmakers and musicians inside of the skateboarding culture. For many, skateboarding is a lifestyle that breeds creativity and is often-times the doorway leading to various avenues of expression. This premiere, four-part film series tells the stories from behind the lens and the path that led these artists to photography.