Lowcard Celebrates 10 Years & 50th Issue

January 27, 2014

Lowcard is celebrating their 10 year anniversary this month, along with the release of Lowcard Mag Issue #50.

Lowcard Magazine Issue 50 Cover

The 50th issue, appropriately emblazoned in gold letters, features Jake Johnson (with a seemingly impossible pop) on the cover. Roll through your local skate shop and pick up a free copy. If they don’t have one, scoldingly frown at them and get it online for only $3. Of course, you can call us and ask nicely – we’ll hook it up if there are any left.

Lowcard is the shit. They’re pure skateboarding, front to back. They buck all bullshit. They work to free children from the factories of large skateboard conglomerates. They only advertise for the good guys. They’re good friends to good people and enemies to the rest. They sleep outdoors and piss in the bushes and tell you when you’ve got a little shit on your face. You should support Lowcard 100%.

We’re really big fans of these guys around here. We get a fat box of mags every month and proudly hand them out for free. We’re stoked they’ve been around for a decade and we look forward to more!

We’ve had the privilege of posting ads in the mag several times now. You can see our latest Skate Warehouse / Brew Swet ad, featuring local ripper Ty Hjortland, in issue #50.

Lowcard Skate Warehouse Brew Swet Ty Hjortland Ad 2

Congratulations to Lowcard on 10 solid years of pushing their luck. Double congrats on a 50th issue of the biggest little mag in the world. Show your support, pick up a Lowcard 10 Year Anniversary Tee or a pile of Lowcard stickers and rep that shit all over your neighborhood.

Be sure to subscribe to the Lowcard YouTube Channel. Follow @LowcardMag on Instagram and on Twitter.

Stay lame, my friends.

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