Marc Johnson Interview & Hand Carved Deck Series

April 5, 2014

We were recently lucky enough to get a quick Marc Johnson interview regarding his new Hand Carved Deck series from Chocolate. Marc is a staple in the industry and always intriguing to converse with. We’re excited to get some insights into his wood working and his personal feedback on this series. Take a look at the collection below, check’em out at Skate Warehouse and read more to find out what MJ really thinks about Home Depot, Kim K’s ass and more.

Marc Johnson Interview Hand Carved Series

Marc Johnson Interview

by Stephan Garcia

SW. What’s the inspiration behind the Hand Carved series? Did you design them specifically for this series or was it something you had already been working on?

MJ. The inspiration for these came from some sketchbooks from 2010. I had a bunch of ideas for making some gifts out of old boards instead of throwing them away, and at that time I really needed something to do with my free time when I wasn’t skating. So I just started messing around and these are some of the first boards that came from that initial idea. The series was something I was already working on, and Jeremy Carnahan at Girl asked me if we could shoot some photos of these and make ‘em board graphics.

SW. Have you ever set up and skated an original hand carved board?

MJ. I definitely have not set any of these up. Some are merely held together with glue, and some are 3-4 plies in some places, so they might not be the most stable boards. Hell, maybe they would be rad — all bendy like those old fiberglass decks from the 1970’s.

SW. What’s the most challenging piece of furniture you’ve made?

MJ. I watched a dvd of Sam Maloof making one of his famous rocking chairs, and got sparked to make a desk in 2011 from walnut, using mortise and tenon construction and some pocket joinery in a couple places where the screws are hidden from sight. The legs and top are shaped by hand, and there’s a drawer under the desk. I wasn’t super stoked on how it turned out, but it was a great learning experience.

SW. If you had to choose, would you rather be a junior high school woodshop teacher or Home Depot employee? Why?

MJ. Imagining either one is pretty harsh. Maybe woodshop teacher, so I would have access to the machines after hours. Home Depot is such a garbage bin. It’s hard to even shop at one of those.

SW. Describe your workshop. Is it a place of solitude or a man-cave? Are there pictures of hot babes on the walls?

MJ. It’s more of place of solitude. There are no hot babes on the walls or anything like that. I do have a stereo in there, so maybe I should get some trash mags from the check out aisles at the grocery store and splatter the walls with celeb gossip. Kim K has a really fat ass now, and those people’s lives are such a shitshow.

Marc Johnson Hand Carved Deck Series

Hand Carved Decks for Marc Johnson Interview

Marc Johnson Interview Deck Bottoms

Marc Johnson Interview Decks close up

Marc Johnson Interview Hand Carved Deck

Marc Johnson Interview Kenny Anderson Deck

Marc Johnson Interview Jerry Hsu Deck

Marc Johnson Interview Chris Roberts Deck

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