Skate Warehouse Meadow Mania 2014

July 29, 2014

Skate Warehouse Meadow Madness Flyer

It’s 1pm in sunny San Luis Obispo. I pull up to Meadow Park and take in this beautiful Saturday. This isn’t just any Saturday. This is Meadow Mania. “ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE!?”

Over the weekend Skate Warehouse hosted our first Meadow Mania event at Meadow Park here in SLO. We packed up the BBQ, a couple coolers, the SW tent and a bunch of product. Resident lumberjacks Mike Roth and Matt Rod constructed a new ledge. Our local contenders were throwing down their gnarliest maneuvers as Justin handed out SW bucks for bangers and Griffin commentated on the Pyle. Matt Rod ran the grill, giving out hot dogs to everyone and anyone. Beers were chugged, manuals were manualled, the highest ollie was ollied, shoes were tossed, laughs were had and prizes were won. All in all everyone had a great time and we appreciate the folks who came out. See you next time!

SW Meadow Mania 2014

Matt Rodriguez Front 5-0

Matt Rod – front 5-0.

Adam Ottenberg Frontside Nose Grind

Adam Ottenberg – Front Nose Grind

Ty Hjortland Back Overkrook

Ty Hjortland – Back Overkrook

Early Grab

Early grabs were the name of the game.

Griffin Chiou

Griff Dog holding it down.

Jade Sadeghian

Jade handled the filming.

Meadow Mania Dekline Shoe Toss

Dekline Shoe Toss.


This guy.

Meadow Mania Skate Warehouse Tent

The Skate Warehouse tent.

Meadow Mania Shoe Toss

Shoe toss in action.

Justin Shoe Toss Boss

Meadow Mania High Five

Solid bro five.

Meadow Mania Megaphone Griff

Megaphone dreamboat.

Jarvis Front Tailslide

The legendary Jarvis with a front tailslide.

Ty Hjortland Fun Overdose

Ty overdosing on fun.

Blair crook

Blair crook.

Meadow Mania Manual Madness

Manual Madness!

Slocal Lurkers

Local lurkers.

Mike Roth and Friends

“Hold on my sponsor’s calling me.”

Meadow Mania Dekline Shoe Toss

Meadow Mania Man


Mike Roth Role Model

Mike Roth is a true role model.

Meadow Mania25

Oh yes ladies, he is single.

Meadow Mania26

More manuals.

Meadow Mania27

Grilling up the dogs.

Meadow Mania28

The transfer.

Meadow Mania29

Back 3’s!

Infamous Jankem

Infamous Jankem.

Baby D

Baby D on the scene.

Backside Flips

Backside flips were thrown.

Justin throwing SW Bucks

Justin throwing out some SW Bucks.

Meadow Mania34

Doggin’ down.

Meadow Mania35

Meadow Mania36

Our own SW model.

Meadow Mania37

Matt Rod kicking off the ollie contest.

Meadow Mania38


Meadow Mania41

Cameron showing up fashionably late, as usual.

Thanks to Mini Logo Skateboards, Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings, Footprint Insoles and Dekline Footwear for hooking up the promo gear! Be sure to subscribe to the Go Skate Blog for all the latest SW events, road trips, new stuff, skate videos and more. Go skate!

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