New Bones STF V5 Wheels At SW

February 3, 2014

Bones STF V5 WheelsThe new Bones STF V5 Wheels are expected to roll into Skate Warehouse any day now. They’re the newest V shape to the bones STF lineup and I’d recommend that you don’t sleep on these once they get here. Lucky for me, I had the opportunity to test out the new wheels before they hit our website and I must say I am more than impressed. These are the wheels that I have been looking for.

They’re coming in three different sizes, 51mm, 53mm and 55mm with pro models from Taylor Bingaman, Ryan Decenzo, Chris Haslam, Jaws and Ben Raybourn. Don’t worry though, they also come in a plain sidecut graphic for those of you who don’t want names on your wheels.

The new V5 shape brings something new and different to the table, which I appreciate. I try to avoid the typical round wheel shape that everyone and their mother in the wheel business seems to be making. Instead of rounding out these wheels indent in. They’re also more square shaped on the sides. Personally I think it adds a nicer pop and locking into grinds and coping is just so much more pleasant.

Bones Wheels are based off the B scale compared to the A scale, which all other wheel companies use. Sounds kind of fishy at first but its actually quite the opposite. The B scale has a further range because Bones Wheels are actually off the A scale charts.

The shape feels amazing and they’re Street Tech Formula so you know you’ll be getting more bang for your buck. Not one flat spot has appeared and after weeks of skating they still feel the exact same as the day I put them on. But don’t just take my word for it, get yours when they hit the site.

New Bones STF V5 Wheels

Bones STF V5 Wheels

Bones STF V5 Wheels

Bones STF V5 Wheels

Bones STF V5 Wheels

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