New Brand | Creep Co.

July 21, 2014

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You know that tattooed guy who’s always in front of you at the liquor store, getting a pack of smokes, a tall can and maybe a couple scratchers. He hops onto his motorcycle with his slicked back hair and rides off into the sunset. A part of you sits in awe, as you secretly envy his lifestyle. That lifestyle is the inspiration for Creep Co. clothing.

Creep Co. is a new addition to our arsenal of brands. They’re a small apparel company, dating back to 2009, influenced by booze, bikes, tattoos and of course skateboarding. Simple shirts and raglans make up most of their merchandise, each one featuring traditional style artwork. They’re growing quickly and we’re proud to have them in stock. Pick up your Creep Co. apparel today at Skate Warehouse.

New Brand | Creep Co.

Creep Company Black Magic Tee

Creep Company Booze Hound

Creep Company Hell Bound

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