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August 12, 2014

Sketchy Dagger Tee

It’s time to get weird. Sketchy Tank has just been stocked in the warehouse! Sketchy Tank is a new clothing brand featuring some of the most original artwork we’ve seen in awhile.

ST’s style isn’t for everyone and that’s just how we like it. From illicit drug references to “Pie Till I die” t-shirts, we get a glimpse into the mind of the artist. Sketchy Tank is a man of mystery, with little to no information about himself on the interwebs. In every interview he’s seen wearing a ski mask. Some of the best secrets are left untold and the art speaks for itself. So if you’re into rad original artwork and are on edge with your morals then Sketchy Tank is the company for you. Pick your favorite piece up today at Skate Warehouse!

Sketchy Tank

Sketchy Trust TeeSketchy Tank Trust Tee

The Trust Tee.

Sketchy Tank Good Times Tee

The Good Times Tee.

Sketchy Tank Pie Till I Die TeeSketchy Pie Till I Die Tee

The Pie Tee.

Sketchy Dagger Tee

The Dagger Tee.

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