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August 8, 2014

Wreck Wheels ThumbWreck Wheels are a new wheel brand here at Skate Warehouse. Made exclusively at their factory in the USA, their proprietary Ruin Formula utilizes the highest quality compounds, curatives and components.

This high performance formula welds 30 years of lab development experience, advanced processing techniques and extensive street testing into the world’s most flatspot resistant, fastest and longest lasting wheels. Wreck is more than just a marketing company that slaps it’s name on OEM urethane… they are a true wheel brand – the factory, chemist and manufacturer – who controls the process from A to Z.

Welcome To The World’s Best Urethane

Wreck Wheels-2

Wreck Wheels are currently available in two different cuts. The Original Cut is their more traditional shape, cut for control and stability at higher speeds. The Square Cut is a wider shape, with a more convex cut for better all around traction.

Wreck Wheels-3

The Wreck Wheels Ruin Formula is exclusive and all their urethane is made in a state-of-the-art facility in Huntington Beach, California. They’ve developed this formula through extensive testing, skating and refinement with decades of urethane experience and they stand by this statement 110%. Below are some recent test results that show the amount of material lost and percentage rebound after conducting wear and speed testing.

Wreck Wheels – Abrasion/Rebound Tests

Test Results – Loss/Rebound

  1. Wreck: 5.90% / 67%
  2. Spitfire F4: 49.10% / 66%
  3. Bones STF: 10.30% / 62%
  4. Ricta: 22.90% / 61%
  5. Gold: 23.40% / 62%
  6. Pig: 25.30% / 66%

Welcome to the world’s best urethane! Pick up a set of the new Wreck Wheels and perform your own tests. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Then subscribe to the Go Skate Blog to stay up on all the newest stuff, collabs, how to’s, reviews, videos and more!

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