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July 5, 2014

Z-Flex Skateboards THUMBNAIL

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1975 saw the Zephyr skate team from Santa Monica (better known as the specific area of Dogtown), California competing in the Del Mar national Skateboarding competition. Riding low, fast and hard, the Zephyr team took the existing version of gymnastic, handstand based skateboarding, fueled it with the aggression of the streets and things would never be the same again. The nature of skateboarding eventually took it’s toll on some of the Zephyr team – and in 1976 Kent Sherwood, Jay Adams’ stepdad, broke away from Zephyr and started EZ-RYDER with half of the original Zephyr skaters including Jay Adams, Tony Alva and Jim Muir. Six months later EZ-RYDER changed it’s name to Z-Flex. Now generations strong, Z-Flex Skateboards continues its path of determination and dedication to skateboarding.

New Brand | Z-Flex Skateboards

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Z-Flex Skateboards has long been responsible for product innovation, being a pioneer in development and testing urethane wheel designs. The standard clay wheels from the roller skating industry did not provide a smooth, fast ride, since they lacked retaining and grip qualities.

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Z-Flex developed the abrasion resistant Z Smooth wheel specifically for boardwalk skating, followed closely by Z Grooves, a one-of-a-kind, faster, smoother wheel with a formula which most of today’s wheels are based upon.

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Z-Flex 2nd Generation riders and product innovations continued to think outside the box, maintaining Z-Flex as an industry leader. Z-Flex is responsible for the first skateboard in history to utilize a concave on the board’s top-side.

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This revolutionized the direction of board design. You will find “concave” on almost every skateboard on the market today.

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