Brixton Holiday 2013 Accessories Are Here


Brixton Barry Poncho

Merry Brixmas! Our latest shipment of Brixton holiday accessories just hit the shelf. These are perfect gift items for friends and family this season.

From wallets to gloves, keychains to iPhone cases, backpacks to ponchos – there’s something BRXTN for everyone in here.

Some of our favorites include the genuine leather Landes Wallet, the Butcher II Gloves and the classic canvas Canyon Backpack.

There’s also a rad new charcoal Barry poncho to keep you cozy in the cold. Need a new iPhone case? Check out the stylish Tangier for iPhone 5. And don’t forget the Coffer Tool Bag.

Peep the pics. Praise be to BRXTN in the comments. Go Skate!

Brixton Wallets Gloves Keychains Backpack iPhone Cases

Brixton Butcher Gloves

Brixton Holiday Wallets Keychains iPhone Cases

Brixton Holiday Keychains Muerto and Nova Accessories

Brixton Holiday 2013 Video