New DGK Clothing Collections: Benjy, Dime and Flava

November 26, 2013

A few new DGK Clothing Collections have dropped at Skate Warehouse: the Benjy, Dime and Flava lines. One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready and DGK to go. These new lines stay true to the DGK style but come in new shapes and sizes. Magnets, money clips, tees, belts and more.

To find all the items seen below hit up the DGK Brand page at Skate Warehouse.

New DGK Clothing Collections

DGK Clothing Benjy

The Benjy Duffle Bag and the Benjy Ashtray are burning a hole in the shelves of Skate Warehouse. You gotta make the money to spend it, Benjy knows.

DGK Clothing Dime

Empty those pockets and take your change to the store! With the DGK Dime Beanie and your DGK bling, DGK has dimes for days!

DGK Clothing Flava

DGK never tasted so sweet with the new Flava line. From Stay Smokin socks to Mowi Wowi magnets, DGK has the stuff you love this holiday harvest.

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