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December 2, 2013

Passport Skateboards LogoPassport Skateboards is coming at you with new decks and new tees. For the first time since their inception, Passport is being sold in the US and Skate Warehouse is one of the lucky retailers brining it your way.

“Passport Skateboards was founded in 2008 by Trent Evans. After a whirlwind trip across America that confirmed the huge lack of progressive skateboard brands in Australia, plans were made to create something new and unique. From then on Passport started working closely with likeminded friends and artists to create a brand with its own direction and ideals. The inspiration for the brand comes from various places- travel, friends, Australian heritage and various collaborative efforts that have helped shape the identity of Passport. Currently the team consists of a tight knit group of skateboarders from the west and east coast of Australia, not to mention also the Motherland New Zealand. The team is growing, with recent additions from the USA and UK, spreading the word of “community” for the brand. For the first time ever, Passport is being distributed in the United Staes by Permanent.” -Passport Skateboards

Click HERE for a look at the entire Passport team, including bios and clips.

Passport Skateboards

Passport Skateboards Sky

Passport Skateboards Shooter

Passport Skateboards Cats

Passport Skateboards Bar

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