New Primitive Apparel At SW

March 7, 2014

Primitive Apparel isn’t new to our shelves, but since we weren’t pushing out Blog posts when we first got them in, we thought we’d feature this new Spring lineup for ya’ll. Some fresh new caps, a couple tees and a look at their solid line of skaters, including P-Rod, Nick Tucker, Torey Pudwill, Justin Schulte and Carlos Zarulaza. Check out the pics, watch the vid, drop a comment and head over to Skate Warehouse to shop Primitive.

New Primitive Apparel

Primitive Apparel Hats

The Classic P Hat. The Roses 5 Panel Hat. The High Desert Hat.

Primitive Apparel Tees 1

The Denise Tee. The Spirit Tee.

Primitive Apparel Tees 2

The Primitive x Andale Bearings Tee. The Big Cat Crew Sweatshirt.

Primitive Appare Tees 3

The Spot Tee. The In Flight Tee.

Primitive Apparel – 3 Amigos

YouTube Preview Image

There’s something to be said about the element of camaraderie that binds skateboarders together. You can be a 50-year-old with Asperger’s and still have fun at a spot with a bunch of strangers half your age and the only common bond, realistically, is a plank of wood. That shit is crazy when you think about it yo. So, in the spirit of that camaraderie (and overall radness), we sent two dudes with cameras, and three dudes with skateboards into the dessert to get some documentation of human beings throwing themselves off of shit. What we got back was a bunch of ill images and an amazing video of James Espinoza, Addie Fridy, and Nick Tucker wrecking shop in Sin City (which doubles as Addie’s hometown).”

Primitive Apparel

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