New Spitfire Wheels – Spring 2014 Selections

February 1, 2014

I know February is still technically winter but here in California winter has been over since, well December. In keeping with skate industry momentum, Spitfire Wheels Spring 2014 Grant Taylormost brands stay ahead of the curve and drop their Spring collections in February anyway. So fuck it, spring has sprung! Fresh new growth is beginning to flourish. Roses are blooming. Birds are in the air. Fawn are taking their first wobbled steps. There are lots of beautiful new things to set on fire! We thought you might like to stop and smell the… urethane. So let’s take a look at the new Spitfire Wheels for Spring 2014.

New Spitfire Wheels – Spring 2014

First off, we’ve got 2 new colors for the ever-burning Spitfire Formula Fours. You can blaze the Atomic Orange 101A‘s or cool it down with a slightly softer Mint Green 99A. Both are available in four sizes: 51mm, 52mm, 53mm and 54mm .

Spitfire Formula Four Atomic Orange 101A WheelsNew Spitfire Wheels Formula Four Mint Green 99A

Tattoos are permanent. Wheels are not. Get the best of both worlds with the new Spitfire OG Flash Series. Jeff Grosso, Lance Mountain and Salba all have a classic white version of the wheel, available in 2 large sizes each. Then there’s a Grosso OG Flash Blue 52mm, Mountain OG Flash Green Mashup 53mm and Salba OG Flash 50/50 White/Red 54mm. All of these are 99A durometer. All of these make you look tough.

Spitfire Grosso OG Flash White WheelsSpitfire Grosso OG Flash Blue WheelsSpitfire Mountain OG Flash White WheelsSpitfire Mountain OG Flash Mashup WheelsSpitfire Salba OG Flash White Wheels

new Spitfire wheels Salba OG Flash 50/50

There are several more 99A Signature Pros available in the new Spitfire wheels. John reps an ouroburos on these new Cardiel Edition Classics (51/53/55mm). Zered hops off the lobster boat with the new Bassett Fresh Catch (52/53/54mm) while Omar threatens to explode you with the Salazar Cautions (51/52/53mm). If you prefer a larger riding surface under your board, check out the new Mike Anderson SFW 2 Wheels, available in 6 sizes/colors with a less tapered cut.

new Spitfire wheels John Cardiel Edition Classicsnew Spitfire wheels Zered Bassett Fresh Catchnew Spitfire wheels Omar Salazar CautionSpitfire Mike Anderson SFW 2 Wheels

Do you like weed? Do you like Cory Kennedy? Do you think the undead are cool? How about Chris Cole? Do you enjoy burning up city streets? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions you may want to speak with a counselor. Better yet, check out these new Spitfire F1 Streetburners. The Kennedy Trunk Kush Wheels are available in classic White (51/53mm) or Swirled Green/Purple (52mm). The Cole Undeads lurk in a Mashup Purple/Black (52mm) and the classic White (52/53/54mm). The new Multiburners are available in 7 different sizes. They may actually burn you. Please handle carefully.

Spitfire F1 Streetburner Kennedy Trunk Kush White WheelsSpitfire F1 Streetburner Kennedy Trunk Kush WheelsSpitfire F1 Streetburner Cole Undead WheelsSpitfire F1 Streetburner Multiburner Wheels

Does your filming buddy need a new set? Are you a fucking gnarly pool ripper in need of a classy upgrade? Check out these two slightly softer yet super speedy selections from the new Spitfire wheels Spring 2014 pile. The Kennedy Kushin’ For The Pushin’ 80HD All-Terrain Speedies (54mm) ought to keep your stoner camera guy on point. The Peter Hewitt Deep End 98a Parkburners will keep you afloat longer.

Spitfire Kennedy Kushin For The Pushin WheelsSpitfire Parkburner Peter Hewitt Deep End Wheels

You can find these and about a million more Spitfire Wheels online at Skate Warehouse 24/7. We also have a huge selection of Spitfire Apparel and stickers. Ride the fire. Go skate!

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