Busenitz, Moose and Herman: New Thunder Pro Trucks

November 22, 2013

Some new Thunder from Louis De Los Reyes, Bryan Herman and Dennis Busenitz have arrived at Skate Warehouse. The Moose Representar High Trucks, Herman Supercharged Lights High Trucks and the Busenitz Ride The Thunder Hollow Light Hi Trucks all feature hollowed axles, hollwed kingpins and strong, lightweight baseplates. You get quicker response with these babies, faster turning and guaranteed strength. Thunder Pro Trucks are 100% backed by the Thunder Team, with unmatched levels of control and strength and they’re guaranteed for life.

A first for Moose, we get an exclusive Thrasher edit with the drop.

New Thunder Pro Trucks

Thunder Pro Trucks BUS

New lightning struck Ride the Thunder Dennis Busenitz Pro Hollow Lights with an electric blue print on flat black hangers with strong and lightweight hollow axles, white bushings, hollow kingpins and blue forged baseplates.

Thunder Pro Trucks MOO

Moose’s debut with Green, White and Red Mexican flag print on gloss white hanger, white bushings, transparent gold baseplates and all gold hardware.

Thunder Pro Trucks HER

Bryan Herman’s new supercharged Pro Lights with Flat Black hangers with red bushings, hollow kingpins and black Thunder Light forged baseplates.

Thunder Pro Trucks ALL

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