Official Crown Of Laurel Now Available

November 14, 2013

Official Crown of Laurel Hats

It’s official! Skate Warehouse proudly welcomes Official Crown of Laurel to our roster of quality skate brands. Founded in 2007, the Official Brand has seen much success. They make high quality hats, apparel and accessories with influences from skate, street and DIY fashion. Their skate team is a talented crew, including Stefan Janoski, Rodrigo TX, Austyn Gillette, Jose Rojo, Marquise Henry and Miles Silvas.

Official Crown of Laurel approaches headwear with an unskewed perspective. The company’s youthful nature prevents it from being confined to maintaining certain rules and regulations that time and product history generally restricts and prevents progressive possibilities from seeing fruition. Official regards it’s headwear as a crown, a statement, an exclamation point and sometimes a simple compliment to bigger and bolder things. We take great joy in applying this concept to each and every piece we produce under the Official Crown of Laurel label.”


Check out the pics then visit The Official Brand page to shop our whole selection.

Official Crown of Laurel

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Official Stefan Janoski Switch Ollie Barcelona

Official Stefan Janoski Ollie Barcelona

Official Rodrigo TX Backside Nosegrind Barcelona

Official Rodrgio Tx Nosebluntslide Barcelona

Official Austyn Gillette Switch Front Nose 270

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