Organika x Brian Lotti Landscape Collection

November 27, 2013

The Organika x Brian Lotti Landscape Collection is a brand new line from Organika Skateboards in collaboration with the great Brian Lotti. The Landscape deck series features the stamped artwork of Lotti himself in four different sizes and styles.

Organika x Brian Lotti Landscape Collection

Organika x Brian Lotti Landscape WatsonOrganika x Brian Lotti Landscape RyanOrganika x Brian Lotti Landscape AdelmoOrganika x Brian Lotti Landscape Cardona

Watch this inside look at Lotti creating the collection.

Organika x Brian Lotti Landscape

A pioneer of early street skating, Brian Lotti came to fame in the late 1980s while originally riding for H-Street. He is one of the originators of what’s known today as techinical street skating and is thought to be the inventor of the backside tailslide flip out as well as the Big Spin, which had been formally done but previous skaters but under a different name. In the early 1990s Lotti was sponsored by Planet Earth, appearing in their 1991 video Now N’ Later and later rode for Blind Skateboards. Lotti would eventually leave the world of professional skateboarding and move to Honolulu, Hawaii to study Buddhism. Later he would return to California State University at San Francisco to get a degree in art. He is the director of 1st and Hope, Free Pegasus and Blue Line. He also recently had a part in the 2007 Santa Cruz Skateboards video, Legends. Lotti has done board graphics for the likes of Cartel, Cliche, Listen, Stereo and Death Skateboards. Add these new Organika x Brian Lotti Landscape decks to the list.

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