Chocolate SLO Deck And T-Shirt

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Chocolate SLO Decks homeIn commemoration of the brand new SLO Skatepark opening, our good friends over at Crailtap hooked us up with a radical collab with the legendary Chocolate Skateboards. Crailtap is a favorite around these parts, so needless to say we’re beyond stoked on the privilege to bring you the exclusive Chocolate SLO Deck and T-Shirt!

Ben Raybourn to Roll

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Ben Raybourn has been on a killing spree lately. Getting tons of coverage in the mags, and consistently putting out new footage that’s the perfect mix of creative, gnarly and raw. His latest part, Raybourn To Roll, is no exception—and a definite must watch. Presented by The Skateboard Mag, check it out!

How To Bondo A Skate Spot

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For skateboarders cracks in the sidewalk can be deadly, and they can also ruin the perfect run-up or roll-away. A quick and easy fix is filling that crack with bondo to keep you rolling smooth. Read more for step-by-step instructions on how to bondo a skate spot, then check the video where Nate breaks it down. When you’re done with that head over to a crack that needs filling and tear it up, B!

Top Five Reasons to Quit Skateboarding

Top Five Reasons to Quit Skateboarding

Top 5 Reasons To Quit SkateboardingWe’ve all had that moment before. Right after a good slam the thought runs through your head, “I’m done with this shit!” This thought is quickly replaced by, “I’m gettin’ it, right here!” Well, you shoulda stuck with your first instinct. How old are you? 14? 19? 24? You’re too old for skating! Time to put the toys away and join society like a normal person. If you’re having a hard time committing to staying off the board, here’s our top five reasons to quit skateboarding.