Staff Picks: Cam

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Staff Picks- CamJust in case you were wondering, we’re not robots. In fact the Skate Warehouse crew is filled with rad individuals that handle business with aplomb, both on and off the clock. Which brings us to Staff Picks, a new segment dedicated to giving you a personal glimpse at SW and the people behind it. First at bat is our web editor Cam rockin’ some of his favorite pieces of the season. Outside of the warehouse Cam is a head-nodding, hip-hoppin’ beat machine; crafting thrift store and swap meet vinyl records into new jams with distinct flavor and style. We use his beats in some SW videos and you can check out his music on Soundcloud. Cam knows how to put it down and look good doing it, and his Staff Picks reflect that. Clean style that pops, but not blown out with flash and glam. Just like Cam-Daddy himself, his picks get it done without fuss the right way, and better than the imitators. F*ck with us!

Daniel Lutheran Propeller RAW FILES

daniel lutheran propeller raw files

Dan Lu definitely had a stand out part in Propeller. He’s got style for miles and skates some of the most buck obstacles out there, making hammers look like a casual walk in the park. Because of his laid-back style it can be hard to tell just how gnarly his tricks are. But let me assure you everything he puts out is heavy to say the least, and his Propeller RAW FILES are no exception. With skating this good, it’s no wonder Daniel Lutheran is amongst the elite on the Vans squad.

Royal Trucks Review with Nate Hoover

royal trucks review

Fresh from the Crailtap camp is a redesigned, reworked and highly improved Royal truck. Out-dating previous models, these new trucks are made from a higher-quality alloy with improved geometry and design; meaning a better grinding, better turning and longer lasting truck. But those are all just words until you bolt ’em on and skate ’em, so we had our boy Nate Hoover put the new and improved Royal’s to the test. Nate definitely put these trucks through their paces for our Royal Trucks review, and we’re stoked to say that they held up and skated just as well as any of the other top truck brands out. But don’t just take our word for it, peep the vid then pick up a set to try for yourself!

Series Spotlight | Anti Hero Overdue Decks

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Anti Hero Overdue homeBoard chipped? Razor tail, perhaps? Maybe you’ve been skating ever so gingerly as not to aggravate that crack you’ve been nursing in the top-ply. Well it’s time to drop the shenanigans and get your hands on one of the new Anti Hero Overdue decks. Fresh off the press and ready to shred, this rad Anti Hero series provides a great alternative to reading and other time wasting activity. Get outta that lounge chair, kick off those loafers and hit the streets!

G-Shock x HUF Available Now!

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g-shock x huf home realNo stranger to the collab game, HUF has teamed up with infamous watch maker G-Shock to bring you the G-Shock x HUF GD-100HUF-1. Inspired by the sometimes jarring, surprising, and amazing events in the everyday life of a skateboarder this watch is made to take a beating and look good doing it. Read on for photos and more info…