Bones Swiss European Vacation

bones swiss european vacation

Dream spots, rad skating and a killer crew all add up to the Bones Swiss European Vacation. Taylor Bingaman, Justin Strubing, Bobby Worrest and more will have you flowing with spot envy while they do work on some seriously cool terrain. Bones only f*cks with the best in the biz, so you know these dudes are straight killing from beginning to end. You’ll be booking your flights by the time this clip is over.

How To Hurricane Grind | Skateboarding Trick Tips

Hurricane Grind Thumbnail

The backside hurricane is a banger. It looks cool, and feels even cooler. It can be done on ledges, rails and the curved wall, we’ll be covering the latter in this post. If you’re looking to take your transition game to the next level, the backside hurricane is a great addition to your bag. If you want to learn how to hurricane grind, read on for a step-by-step breakdown then check the video where Adam takes you through it.

Grizzly Pro Grip Now In!

Grizzly Pro Grip thumbnail

Grizzly Pro Grip homeGrizzly Grip is hot shit, and no wonder. With such a stacked team it’s obvious why people are stoked, and the grip ain’t bad either. For this round of Grizzly Pro Grip we have signature sheets for Feliple Gustavo, Shane O’Neill, Chaz Ortiz and Boo Johnson. These dudes all rip and definitely earned themselves a signature griptape. Each with a personalized touch and that signature Grizzly look, the only problem you should have choosing a grip is which pro’s sheet to snag.

Gilbert Crockett Propeller RAW FILES

Gilbert Crockett Propeller Raw Files

Gilbert Crockett has been one of my personal favorites for a while now. From his big-time debut in Ride the Sky to Mindfield to Bust Crew episodes and everything in between, Gilbert’s skating is always unique, powerful and more than impressive. If you haven’t checked out his part in Propeller yet, do yourself a favor and feast your eyeballs on that ASAP. Following up the release of Propeller, Vans is releasing some raw footage to give us a little extra taste; even an hour long film couldn’t contain all the radness of their team. First up in this series of extras is the Gilbert Crockett Propeller RAW FILES. Mind you this is NOT throwaway footage but unused footage that could have easily held it’s own in Propeller. If Gilbert’s part in Propeller only left you itching for more, today is your lucky day.

Red Bull Hart Lines

red bull hart lines

In a first-of-its-kind contest we have Red Bull Hart Lines, held at Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit. The concept: two lanes to the finish with contestants judged not only on tricks, but also run time. Torey Pudwill, Ryan Sheckler, Ryan Decenzo, Leo Romero and more all put on a show- but in the end it was Curren Caples who walked away with the cash and a brand-new whip.

Josh Borden Born-N-Bred

Josh Borden Born-N-bred

With his step up from amateur ripper to the pro ranks with Santa Cruz, there’s been no shortage of Josh Borden coverage recently. Josh skates with speed, style and power and rips transition of any size with ease. Don’t let his tranny prowess fool you though, Borden is a true all-terrain shredder. Streets, ditches, backyard ramps… You would be hard pressed to find a spot Josh Borden shy’s away from. Congrats Josh! The pro board is well-deserved. Sit back and behold, Josh Borden Born-N-Bred.