New Bones STF V-Series Wheels

Bones V-Series STF Wheels-6

It’s pretty much guaranteed that if you have asked around about what type of wheels people like to ride, Bones STF’s were in the conversation. Known for their longevity and flatspot resistance, Bones Wheels are certainly a top contender in the wheel game. In their most recent offering, Bones comes through with the V-series of wheels. With a basic no-frills aesthetic, these are definitely aimed towards the core skater. Bones offers a wide array of five unique shapes, in a plethora of sizes.

Series Spotlight: Girl Skateboards Be Kind Rewind

Girl Skateboards Be Kind Rewind Thumbnail

Be Kind Rewind. A good number of you out there were probably born long after that saying was in use. The Girl Skateboards Be Kind Rewind series harkens back to the age of VHS rental stores, before you could stream whatever you want right on your TV. The folks over at Crailtap sure know good humor and certainly know how do to a great parody. This series is no exception.