Front Blunt | Skateboarding Trick Tips

Adam Ottenberg Frontside Blunt Thumbnail

Adam Ottenberg teaches you a front blunt on the Cayucos ramp. Watch as he’l skate you through the roll up and best angles, good and bad foot placement and how to pop the frontside 180 out. Once you get this trick down, he suggests some possible variations. You can try it to frontside disaster, go to smith stall, smith revert or even slap your tail on the way down. Adam has a solid front blunt, now you can too!

Best of the Best: Double Rock 2013

Best of Double Rock 2013 Thumbnail

Every Thrasher Double Rock edit is a best-of-the-session from skateboarding’s best skateboarders. This vid is the best of Double Rock in 2013. Watch the best of the best of the best in 2013 at Double Rock. Booyah!

King of the Road 2013 – Webisode 3

Thrasher KOTR 2013 Webisode 3 Thumbnail

The Real crew gets in it to win it running through Portland, OR for Thrasher’s King of the Road 2013 – Webisode 3. A stripper skates a flat rail, Brock tats Thrasher, pee gets chugged and Jake Ruiz lands one of the burliest 50-50s in King of the Road history.