A 420 Ode To Rasta Camo Weed Leaf

April 20, 2014

It’s 420 and so we thought, “What better then a post highlighting three of the sickest collections here at SW?” We think Rasta Camo Weed Leaf has a definite place here on 420, and forever in our hearts. Check out our photo collection of the three ultimate styes below and don’t forget to shop them at Skate Warehouse. Happy 420, folks! Stay smokin’!

Rasta Camo Weed Leaf

Ryan Rasta Camo Weed Leaf Damn

Ryan Rasta Camo Weed Leaf SmokeRyan Rasta Camo Weed Leaf Can

Ryan Rasta Camo Weed Leaf Grip

Rasta guy rolls up ready to chill hard. His board is big, his braids are long, his cargo pockets are packed and his mustache is a way of life. Rasta life. This dude reps the red, yellow and green like he reps his living room Bob Marley tapestry. You can’t miss him and you shouldn’t want to, he’s probably ready to share some heady nugs and hugs.

Griff Rasta Camo Weed Leaf  420 EditGriff Rasta Camo Weed Leaf All

Griff Camo 420 WatchGriff Rasta Camo Weed Leaf Bills And Bag

Don’t keep camo guy waiting. He’s always right around the corner and he ain’t even tryin’ to blend in! This dude is coming up from nothing and it’s nothing but the best when he’s out there hustling, chasing the paper and living on cocaine and caviar, keeping an eye out for crooks and cops. Straight success slangin’.

Jarvis Rasta Camo Weed Leaf THC

Jarvis Rasta Camo Weekleaf EyesJarvis Rasta Camo Weed Leaf Rolling

Jarvis Rasta Camo Weed Leaf AllJarvis Rasta Camo Weed Leaf Collection

So it’s your day off and you’ve decided to hang with weed guy. That means a couch you won’t leave for the next eight hours other then to hit the wiz palace where you’ll stare at yourself in the mirror for a minute before getting yourself some popcorn from the kitchen, a lot of TV and some quality quiet time. This guy’s got the freshest gear, from his new grinder to his homemade kief box. He likes nothing more then to rock that leaf. In fact you’ll probably spend some time looking through his spiral notebook where he’s been working on hundreds of his own renditions of intricate weed leaf drawings… Wow, what time is it?

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