Ricta Park Crusher Wheels Review

March 1, 2014

We gave a set of the new Ricta Park Crusher Wheels (55mm/83b) to resident plank pusher Adam Ottenberg for some rigorous testing. He teamed up with our filmer Tuan for a few weeks and came back with some great footage.

Ricta Park Crusher Wheels 55mm Single

He also came back with wheels that were still 55mm and had no flat spots. Ricta’s new NRG Urethane kills it!

Ricta’s new Park Crushers are shaped wider for smoothing out concrete. They have an undercut shape to reduce both weight and bulk. The put a colorful twist on the signature Ricta raised graphics. The brand new Ricta NRG Urethane, featured in the Park Crusher Wheels, is an ultra-fast 83B skatepark formula that has proven to be a massive leap forward in wheel chemistry.

Ricta Park Crusher Wheels Review w/ Adam

For the past few weeks, I’ve been skating these Ricta Park Crushers. I’ve been skating the 55’s. For this wheel, they use the new Hi-Energy urethane. I really like them. I have no complaints as of yet. I’ve been to a few indoor skateparks, a few outdoor skateparks. I skated some ditches and some street spots. They haven’t flat spotted. They’ve held up their shape. They haven’t gone down in size at all. I highly recommend them.

– Adam Ottenberg

Ricta Park Crusher Wheels 57mmRicta Park Crusher Wheels 59mm

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