Series Spotlight | Baker Muertos Decks

July 14, 2014

Baker Skateboards is just about as legit as it gets. Skater owned and operated, raw as fuck and completely about skateboarding, they represent all that is right in the industry today. Their most recent offerings include the Muertos series, which is classic Baker in every way. Radical hand-drawn graphics and bright colors that might as well scream “GET THERE WHILE YOU CAN, B!” Not only are you getting bang for your buck with some of the best shapes and wood out, you are supporting a skater-owned brand and some of today’s best pros. With a great size selection and models from Justin Figuroa, Terry Kennedy, Theotis Beasley, Riley Hawk and Andrew Reynolds, these boards should be on your short list when you’re ready for a crispy.

Series Spotlight | Baker Muertos

Baker Muertos-2

Baker Muertos-7

Baker Muertos-6

Baker Muertos-5

Baker Muertos-4

Baker Muertos-3

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