Series Spotlight: Deathwish Ruins

April 7, 2014

Deathwish Skateboards

Since its inception, Deathwish Skateboards has been synonymous with heavy skating. So, once those Baker Boys boxes rolled in I knew this weeks Series Spotlight would be a no-brainer.

In the all-new Spring ’14 drop from Deathwish we have the Ruins Series. In traditional Deathwish fashion each pro’s board is adorned with an illustration of themselves, and as the name of the series suggest, they are depicted as ancient ruins. Aside from the graphics Deathwish has always provided skateboarders with great wood, great shapes and a multitude of sizes to choose from to suit the needs of everyone, not to mention they sponsor some of the best in the biz. This series is rad and definitely the next hit series from Deathwish. So when you’re inevitably in the market for a new deck, this should be at the top of your list. Mosey your way on over to Skate Warehouse and check out these sick boards and our full selection of Deathwish and Baker Boys gear.

Series Spotlight: Deathwish Ruins Decks

Deathwish Ruins Group

Deathwish Ruins Slash Deck

Deathwish Ruins Neen Deck

Deathwish Ruins Moose Deck

Deathwish Ruins Lizard King Deck

Deathwish Ruins Furby Deck

Deathwish Ruins Ellington Deck

Deathwish Ruins Dickson Deck

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