Series Spotlight: Deluxe Distribution (DLXSF)

March 15, 2014

Welcome to the first installment of Series Spotlight, where we highlight specific deck series new to the Skate Warehouse aisles. Today we’re taking a look at some new decks from industry heavy hitters Deluxe Distribution, a.k.a. DLXSF.

First up we have the Real Wrecking Crew Series. These aren’t your average stunt woods. Each shape is based off some of the original Real boards but have been updated for the needs of the modern skateboarder. They feature Real’s R1 construction, so you know they’re built to last.

DLXSF | Real Wrecking Crew Deck Series

DLXSF Real Wrecking Crew Deck Series Spotlight

As an added bonus, these decks come with a set of rails for those long, smooth-as-butter boardslides.

DLXSF Real Wrecking Crew Rails Series Spotlight

These days there are plenty of fun shapes to choose from, but it seems that some forego function in favor of obscurity, just to stand out. With the Wrecking Crew series this is not the case. They’re fun yet functional. One great thing about these decks is that unlike most other non-traditional decks, Real provides you with in-depth dimension specs. Aside from the standard width and length, they also list nose and tail lengths, wheelbase and width at front and rear trucks. This eliminates guessing which size trucks will fit right and gives you a better idea of how the deck will skate before you set it up. These decks are a perfect example of that old saying, “If you’re going to do something, do it right”.

DLXSF | Anti Hero Vagrant All-Stars Deck Series

DLXSF Anti Hero Vagrant All Stars Cardiel Deck

In the more traditionally shaped department, we have the Anti Hero Vagrant All-Stars series. Most of these boards are your standard popsicle shred sleds, but it’s not the shape of these boards that separates them from the pack.

The graphics take the good old-fashioned baseball card aesthetic and twist it up in that humorous Anti Hero fashion; unashamed, unapologetic and raw. If you don’t like it, they don’t care- its not for you. Things that some may consider inappropriate or offensive are fair game in the 1-8 realm; bums whackin’ it, dumping on the sidewalk, drunken violence, why not? Just another instance where Anti Hero reminds us that skateboarding shouldn’t be taken too seriously and it doesn’t matter if everyone likes it or not.

Let’s not forget that the Grant Taylor model of this series is one of his first two boards on Anti Hero. A match made in a bush behind a gas station, and it couldn’t be more perfect.

DLXSF Anti Hero Vagrant All Stars Deck Series

You can always find the latest and greatest from the DLXSF family of companies at Skate Warehouse, including Real, Anti Hero, Krooked, Spitfire, Thunder and Venture. GO SKATE.

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