Series Spotlight: Girl’s Paint It Black

May 26, 2014

Girl Paint it Black

In their latest offering, Girl Skateboards presents us with the “Paint it Black” series. Always finding a balance between artistic creativity and humor, this series is sure to be a Crailtap classic. There are scarcely more words to describe these killer single-color themed graphics than “rad”. The aesthetic is subtle and visually pleasing. This is a great example of how the masters of antics and silly hijinx over at Girl are also masters of creating amazing art in simple ways. All on top of quality Girl decks we know and love, one of these should be on your short list of future boards. Be sure to check out our full selection of Girl and Crailtap products and check out this full Series Spotlight over at Skate Warehouse.

Series Spotlight: Girl’s Paint It Black

Girl Paint it Black-5

CAPALDI 7.75 X 31.125

Girl Paint it Black-7

CARROLL 8.125 X 31.63

Girl Paint it Black-6

KENNEDY 8 X 31.5

Girl Paint it Black-4

KOSTON 8.25 X 31.63

Girl Paint it Black-3

MALTO 8.125 X 31.66

Girl Paint it Black-2

MARIANO 8.375 X 31.9

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