Skate Basics: Skateboard Anatomy

June 1, 2014

Skateboard Anatomy

If you or your kids are new to skateboarding – or maybe you’re having a hard time explaining to Grandma why buying only the deck just isn’t going to cut it – this video is for you. Jarvis walks you through some skateboarding basics and describes a complete skateboard anatomy.

Jarv covers the basic details of a skateboard deck, including concave, nose, tail, mounting holes and griptape placement. He breaks down and reassembles a skateboard truck, demonstrating how to identify the baseplate, mounting holes, pivot cup, kingpin, kingpin nut, bushings, washers, hanger, axle and axle nuts. He shows how and where to place bearings into your skate wheels and then how those wheels mount to your trucks. By the end of this video, you’ll understand the basic anatomy of a complete skateboard.

Here’s a challenge for beginners: next time you buy a skateboard, order it unassembled and try to put the whole thing together yourself. It’s easier than you think! Shop Skate Warehouse and get started!

Skate Basics: Skateboard Anatomy

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