Milking the Skate Warehouse Black Friday Sale 2014

November 17, 2014

Pssst! Hey, you! Sshhh… Over here! The Skate Warehouse Black Friday Sale is coming up. We’ve got some inside information from an unnamed source that you may find veerrry interesting. The Skate Warehouse Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions are being combined into one big holiday sale from Wednesday, November 26th at 5pm Pacific Time to Monday, December 1st at midnight. It’s going to be 25% off everything site wide! Some restrictions will apply, but only for Nike, Nixon, Oakley, Sale Items and Gift Cards. The promo code is currently classified but we’ll provide you with the dossier as soon as the time is right.

UPDATE: The sale is LIVE! Go to Skate Warehouse and use the code FRIDAY25.

Skate Warehouse Black Friday Sale

But that’s not all! Sure, 25% off everything means huge saving on thousands and thousands of your favorite skate items. Sure, you’ve got six full days of sale to take advantage of it. Sure, Skate Warehouse is already totally fucking awesome. That’s still not good enough for us. The people deserve more savings! Herein you will find enclosed a tactical strategy for getting the absolute most out of this year’s Skate Warehouse Black Friday Sale.

How To Milk The Skate Warehouse Black Friday Sale

First and foremost you can Save $50+ On Custom Complete Skateboards. Skateboards are expensive. They break often. When buying parts separately, the average price of a complete skateboard is well over $100 at most shops—usually closer to $150. Internationally it can be even more. True, you’ll typically find shop boards and pre-assembled completes for under a bill, but those are boring and the parts are basic. Here’s the trick—at Skate Warehouse, when you buy all seven skateboard components online, we automatically knock $30.93 off the total price of those parts. If you’re total was $130.92 (about average), the custom complete discount knocks it down to $99.99. MILK IT! Apply the Skate Warehouse Black Friday promo code and you knock $99.99 down to $74.99. Down from $131 to $75 is a savings of $56! It feels like cheating but I assure you, good sir and madam, it’s perfectly legitimate.

Skate Warehouse Black Friday Sale TShirt Discount FP

Next up is the 1-2-3 T-Shirt Discount. If you’re looking for t-shirts we’re your shop. This promotion offers up a tiered discount system on more than one t-shirt. When you spend more you save more. How’s it work? You can buy one t-shirt at normal price or you can buy two t-shirts a save three bucks. It keeps going just like that. Buy three tees and save six bucks. Buy four or more tees and knock off $12 dollars from your order. Add the Black Friday promo code next week and MILK IT! Let’s say you buy four t-shirts, that comes to roughly $100 dollars. Right off the bat we knock off $12 since you picked up four. That puts you at $88. Now add on the additional 25% coupon code and you’re looking at four t-shirts from your favorite skate brands for just $66! After it’s all said and done you’ve saved $34. Stock up on skate tees for you or your loved ones this Black Friday at Skate Warehouse!

Skate Warehouse Black Friday Sale Wareouts Promo

The SW Wareouts Program is another solid promotion you might not know about that can be applied for an even bigger discount the week of Black Friday. The Wareouts Program allows you to get a Skate Warehouse Go Skate deck for only $20 bucks with the purchase of any regularly priced PRO deck. That means you buys ANY PRO deck at SW and you’re in the market for a second Go Skate deck for only $20 dollars. Shop Deathwish, DGK, Chocolate, Girl and more and throw in one of those sweet SW Go Skate decks. Add the 25% off your regularly priced deck and MILK IT! Get your $49.99 deck for $37.49, throw in your SW Go Skate deck for $29.99 and get it for $20.00. Save $22.49 on two skateboard decks!Skate Warehouse Black Friday Sale Higuera Backpack Promo

We’ve got a bunch of promotions going on all the time at SW. Right now you can find one for Boombotix Speakers, Z-Flex Skateboards, Ambig Clothing, a ton of Skate Warehouse products and more! Go with one of these promotions, get the discount on the item and then get something for absolutely FREE when you do! Promos range from a free Ambig beanie to a dice set from Z-Flex Skateboards and a Grill kit from Boombotix. Everybody loves free stuff! You can find the break down for each one at our promotions page.

Skate Warehouse Black Friday Sale Go Skate Hats Promo

Let’s talk Skate Warehouse items. We’re offering up two discounts, one on our Mitchell & Ness hats and another on our Higuera Backpack. Pick up a Go Skate Hat, originally $26.99, for only $16.99 with a purchase of $25 or more. That means spend $30 bucks the week of Black Friday and already you’re at $22.49. Add in the $16.99 Go Skate Hat and it’s knocked down to $12.74 with the 25% off discount! You’ve just saved $14.25 on a Go Skate Hat! How ’bout that SW Higuera Backpack? This promotion offers the pack for only $19.99 on orders of $50 or more. Let’s do the math. Your $50 order drops to $37.50. Your backpack drops to $14.99. $17.50 saved! You MILKED IT!

Skate Warehouse Black Friday Sale Daily Dose

Last but not least you’ve got the Daily Dose. Of course you know about that one though. It’s where skate items go to get marked down. The Daily Dose offers up an epic deal on one of our stocked items every day. Sometimes these items are more than 50% OFF! During the week of our Black Friday Sale be sure to check out the Daily Dose and get that item CRAZY CHEAP. An example? Let’s say we’ve thrown up the Shep Dawgs Vol 4 DVD. We originally priced this epic video at $9.99. Once it hits the Daily Dose it goes down to the epic price of just $4.50. That’s already a savings of 55%! During Black Friday Sale you can go ahead and knock off another 25% for a total savings of $6.61. You’re getting that Shep Dawgs DVD for $3.38. Where else does that happen? Remember the deal changes every day at noon, so you’re gonna want to check in and possibly check out every day.

That wraps up our guide to milking the Skate Warehouse Black Friday Sale. Check back in the week of Wednesday, November 26th at 5pm Pacific Time to Monday through December 1st at midnight to find our coupon code. Black Friday has never been so good!

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