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April 29, 2014

6am. Let’s face it, no one wants to be awake at 6am. But when it’s time to hop in the van for a day of skating in L.A. with the Matix crew, the SW boys are up and rearing for an adventure no matter what the time. With Mike behind the wheel, Jade, Steve, Dylan and myself behind the lens, plus Johnny, Nate, Adam and Matt ready to shred, we hit the road ready for a solid day of skating with a solid crew. After an 8:30am pit stop for some coffee, a quick stretch and an 18 pack of brews, it was on.

SW Matix Trip 1

We pulled in to be greeted by our sales rep and all around Matix dude, Gabe, for a quick tour of the facility before we hit our first spot of the day, Channel Street.

SW Matix Trip 25

SW Matix Trip 26

SW Matix Trip 21

SW Matix Trip 22

We ran into Zach Wallin reading the new Thrasher.

SW Matix Trip 23

SW Matix Trip 2

For those who are unfamiliar, Channel Street is San Pedro’s DIY skatepark built entirely by the local skate community.

SW Matix Trip 4

Eager to get their blood flowing and adrenaline pumping, the crew quickly went to work getting the lay of the land and shredding the park. In no time at all tricks were gotten, clips were being stacked and beers were crushed.

SW Matix Trip 6

SW Matix Trip 7

SW Matix Trip 8

SW Matix Trip 5

We were off to a good start; not to mention Matix Rider Auby Taylor joined up with the gang. Not too long after he showed up, Channel Street regular and Black Label am Riley Stevens rolled in and put down a clinic in the park. Killer style and classic skate stoke, it was a pleasure skating with the dude.

SW Matix Trip 9

SW Matix Trip 10

SW Matix Trip 11

SW Matix Trip 12

SW Matix Trip 14

SW Matix Trip 15

Big walls abundant with pool coping all on top of DIY ‘crete and shitty asphalt, this place is no joke. Located under a bridge and hidden from the general publics eye, we felt right at home.

SW Matix Trip 16

After a few hours of shredding Channel we gathered the crew and headed to the next spot, Arthur Lee Johnson Memorial Park; also known as Gardena Plaza or South Park.

SW Matix Trip 17

Though the crew had begun to tire from the skating assault that had gone down earlier, that didn’t stop them from piling more clips. Right out of the van, Matt found a prime gap out of the park and preceded to frontside flip and switch flip it beautifully without breaking a sweat.

SW Matix Trip 18

Pretty much the polar opposite of Channel Street, South Park is entirely smooth-as-glass concrete adorned with all your favorite street obstacles. A handrail plus a couple hubbas on top of a nice mellow five stair, a euro gap, ledges and manual pads, plus a few other fun banked and curved features made it the perfect stop to wind down from skating Channel.

SW Matix Trip 19

The locals were hyped, everyone killed it and Auby Taylor showed us the meaning of pop. After the last trick was filmed, it was time to head back to the Matix headquarters for a barbecue and end of the day mini ramp session.

SW Matix Trip 28

Gabe was on the grill and everyone was thoroughly stoked on the day behind us. Matix has an amazing ramp and if you put a prime mini in front of the crew it’s on until closing time.

SW Matix Trip 29

More beers pounded and the team fed, we had caught our second wind and had a blast skating with the Matix fellas. Skate legend and everyones hero Daewon Song came through and showed us those infamous mini ramp skills of his. The man is out of this world. Putting together tricks never before seen by any of us, we were absolutely blown away by the insane level of board control. Video coming soon.

SW Matix Trip 33

After an awesome day of skating, it was finally time to hit the road. After all hands were shook and the last of the beer gone, everyone was tired, sweaty and stoked. This was an amazing trip, one not likely to be forgotten any time soon. A huge thanks goes out to Gabe and everyone at Matix and to everyone at SW that made this trip possible.

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